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  1. matt76

    Wanted: Peroni Gran Riserva recipe

    If you haven't already made it and pitched your yeast, I would favour W-34/70 over CML Hell. I used Hell a couple of times with 1 successful Baltic Porter but 2 "I'm not happy with that" brews, a Helles and Munich Dunkel. I think W-34/70 is a more consistent and much more widely used performer...
  2. matt76

    foxbat's brewdays

    Actually no, it was a counter pressure filler. I think I'm good for now with the 3 kegs as I can't fit another in the kegerator. Although my next brew (with A09 Pub) will be a Porter which I want to warm condition for a couple of weeks before serving... Which... would... mean... there will be...
  3. matt76

    foxbat's brewdays

    Did you buy it direct from them or via a shop? Any idea where (which brewery) this strain is meant to originate from / correlate to? I've got a pack of Imperial A-09 Pub in the fridge for my next couple of brews actually - I chickened out/am too lazy to grow a starter from Fuller's 1845, plus...
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    Grinds my gears

    I'm sure I once saw a Viz Twop Twip along the lines of "Real Madrid: Increase your appeal to trendy millennials by rebranding as Craft Madrid".
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    Oxidation I think. If you Google "homebrew oxidation marzipan almond" you'll see there are lots of references.
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    PilgrimHudds Brewdays

    Wuss 😜😁
  7. matt76

    PilgrimHudds Brewdays

    I was just wondering that - I wondered if the aforementioned "tweak" might have been to omit the oats entirely 😜
  8. matt76

    Best way to modify recipe for lower ABV

    I design almost all my beers to be around the 4% ABV mark, and yes it's easy to end up with a tasty but thin beer. I'll give you two DON'Ts: - Don't try to do it by raising the mash temp - I've found this to be very unreliable/hard to predict in that the FG doesn't always end up as high as...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Two I had last night... My AG#76 Hefeweizen Only kegged this a few days ago so it might not be fully carbonated yet, but it's already very "foam positive" to say the least (it's hooked up to my higher pressure line so might need to experiment with a longer length of 3/16" pipe from the keg...
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    matt76's Brewdays

    AG#77 Get Even IPA v3 Had the afternoon off work yesterday so made my third attempt at this session IPA. I'm still trying to capture a bitter punch with a classic West Coast IPA pine-resin character from the hops. Last version was nice but somehow ended up quite grapefruity and less bitter...
  11. matt76

    Dry hopper

    Excellent work sir 👍 Sometimes the creations of homebrewers leave me a bit "meh" but this seems genuinely ingenious! Out of interest, how is the dry hopper fixed to the lid? Sky hooks? Wishful thinking? 🤔😉
  12. matt76

    Tilt Hydrometer leaking

    Are you absolutely sure it's leaking as opposed to "there's a bit of condensation" inside? Plastics can absorb moisture (a bit like a sponge really) due to humidity in the environment prior to assembly. Under certain conditions this moisture can then be released to form condensation inside...
  13. matt76

    matt76's Brewdays

    Kegging: AG#76 Hefeweizen It was clearly doing diddly squat in the FV and I got bored of waiting so I kegged it 😉 First I did 4 x 500ml bottles primed with sugar and bottled directly from the FV in an otherwise closed transfer - this was a precaution to avoid another...
  14. matt76

    Lallemand Windsor.

    You haven't posted your recipe but I'll take a guess from experience what's happened here... I have a Porter I've fermented with MJ M36 and also W1318. I also have an American Stout fermented with BRY-97. Despite what Brewer's Friend predicts, both finish in the region of 1.020 leaving me with...
  15. matt76

    PilgrimHudds Brewdays

    Nothing like a good yeast-off - if you've not changed much else it will be interesting to hear how the two strains compare 👍