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    Beer in A Bag

    Hmm , can you see your own threads on the new posts page?
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    Beer in A Bag

    The post I made has vanished again, not on the first 3 pages of new posts?
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    Is scrumping hops acceptable

    Depends on how you look at it... Theft is theft
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    Beer in A Bag

    Hi, bit of a strange question that i cannot find an answer to. When putting beer in a bag & box to use with a pump, does the bag have to be sanitised inside first? I can't find an answer but guess it should be as per bottle sanitising before filling. Thank you. (Posted a similar request...
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    Carb advice

    One final question.... Do you have to sanitise the inside of the bag the brew is going into? This would be difficult. Thank you.
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    Cream Porcelain Pull hand Pull Real Ale Pump's (Hunting Scene) Help Please

    Was looking for one of these for a while. Waited long enough and one came along, now these.
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    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Please include me for a shot at the Snub Nose fermenter. I have fermented in buckets now for nearly 3 years and it is maybe time to move on and broaden my horizons. This looks appealing to me as it will fit into a small fridge and I like to try to keep a constant fermenting temp and an easy cold...
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    What causes gushers?

    If I take a bottle from the garage, remove the cap, after a few seconds the beer tends to bubble out of the top of the bottle. If I take a bottle from the fridge that has been in there around an hour, the beer doesn't bubble out of the top of the bottle. They are not gushers or rushers by any...
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    Bottling time this evening...

    Haha, I totally agree.
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    Yes, I forgot to mention dropping the temp for a couple of days. This really does seem to help with the clarity of the bottled beer once conditioned. And an undercounter fridge certainly doesn't take much room in the garage, will probably install another and a temp controller before the cold...
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    I use a fridge to keep a constant 19 degree temperature when brewing all year round. Keeps consistency throughout winter and summer. A must for me! This way, I can brew exactly what I want, when I want.
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    Bottling time this evening...

    I find bottling relaxing after work... My bottles are prewashed, dishwashered on a sanitising program the day before then given a rinse with starsan before bottling. Plan, take time and it is.soothing, especially the end product.
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    Ok, it was bottling day for this brew today. Noticeably no off smells when removing the FV lid. Sample tasted a little on the sweet side which was a little unexpected but definitely no off flavours or tangs that I would maybe have expected. Will leave this to carb up and condition for a few...
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    Home brew supplies

    I took delivery of a grain order from The Malt Miller on Wednesday, that was ordered Sunday. I was a regular use of The Homebrew Company but their delivery price has increased and so have a lot of their products. Will probably give GEB a go for my next order and compare them to MM.
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    The Chaos that is a Buffers Brewery brew day

    Looks like a lot of work has gone into this setup and seems very interesting. Far too complicated for my liking and a long time to set up and clear away unfortunately. Very organised and professional.