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    These look great. Count me in please.
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    Bulk hops.

    I would be interested in a couple of bags for dry hopping. Say 250 of citra, 250 of mosaic/Amarillo etc. Cheers
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    * November Give Away * It's Fruity!

    Count me in too please.
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    * October Give Away * It's MASSIVE!

    Count me in please!
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    How do you make your Hop tea?

    :laugh8: What? No dunking of digestives?
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    How do you make your Hop tea?

    Could you incorporate the carbonation sugar to the hop tea? I've got a batch in the FV at the moment that I was intending to dry hop. I like the idea of using a tea, having had hoppy bits in the bottles of the last batch. My thought is that by combining hops and sugar in a tea added to the...
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    Best Star SAN Alternative including all new Chemsan

    Does anyone have experience of the ChemiPro range that was mentioned as a replacement for starsan (and PBW) here:
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    Bottle storage

    Hi all, I was recently lucky enough to score 4 crates of grolsh bottles from a brewer who had gone to kegging. The bottles were sealed with about an inch of cleaning solution in the bottom. I usually give my bottles a hot tap water wash after drinking, leave under the sink and then batch clean...
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Harvested mine today. 135g pre dried weight which I'm happy with from 3 bines off 1 plant. The burrs only appeared early August but loads of growth in the past few weeks. Plenty of mustard yellow lupulin and amazing smell. Have got them in Tupperware containers over silica gel drying out.
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    Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA Beer Kit + Free Enhancer

    I brewed this a few months ago, albeit without the enhancer. It took a good 3 days before the yeast did anything of note. Turned out really nice though.
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    Hop plants/rhizomes - growing report

    Looks like my Prima Donna is finally showing signs of hop formation. Seems to be a bit later than last year. The plant is about 4 years old and has given a crop every year but the first. It doesn't seem to mind drying out too much but hates the wind. Last year the beast from the east storm gave...