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    Will this be everything (apart from bottles and consumables) I need to brew?

    There are lots of ways to produce good beer. I started my all grain journey with a 15 litre stock pot and a mashing bag on the stove, before I swapped to an all in one system, a Grainfather in my case, I now work as a professional brewer for a craft brewery (using a 3 vessel system). Some...
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    Forum Christmas Brew

    Greg Hughes recipe is as follows: Pale malt 4.8kg Munich malt 1.6kg Dark crystal 300g Chocolate malt 100g Dextrose 650g, last 5 mins of boil Boil 70 mins Goldings (5.5%) 76g at start of boil Goldings (5.5%) 76g 10 mins ABV 6.7% Bitterness 55 IBU Colour 32.6 EBC Mash 1 hour at 68°C Wyeast...
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    Forum Christmas Brew

    I liked the suggestion by @An Ankoù, of using an Old Ale recipe and tweaking to suit. I guess I'm just not a fan of stouts, porters and other overly dark beers.
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    Show us your cat

    This is Pye, a 12 year old semi-longhair, we think she may be at least part Norwegian forest cat. She too is finding this weather too hot and just flops herself down in any cool spot. She is very independent and hates being picked up, so I ensure I pick her up at least once a day to give her...
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    What did you brew today?

    Nice, I love Centennial, if it's anywhere near as good as the GH Amarillo ale I'm drinking right now, it'll be a cracking beer. Today I brewed a Jaipur clone, based on a recipe I found online, tweaked slightly to my tastes and ingredient availability. Smooth brewday, but struggled to get down...
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    Forum Christmas Brew

    For me a Christmas ale should be malty, deep coloured and 'goodly strong' (in the 5.5-7% range). As for spice, it should be subtle, its far easier to ruin a beer with spice than improve it. I remember having a few pints of a beer called Good King Senseless, the beer was as good as the name.
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    How often do you brew?

    I usually brew about once a fortnight like many others have said. I now have 2 brew fridges, one a fermentation chamber based around a Husky tabletop fridge and a normal undercounter fridge, used for conditioning and cold crashing.
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    Greg Hughes recipes

    +1 for the Amarillo ale, its still conditioning, but tried a bottle last night and ended up having to go back for more, twice.
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    S-04 yeast

    I also made a version of the Old Peculiar clone, two weeks ago tomorrow. I used CML Four yeast (rumoured to be a similar strain to S-04) and it also stopped bubbling after 3-4 days, but as always I left it to its own devices until yesterday (12 days) when I bottled it, it was down from 1.058 to...
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    The little book of dreams to be no more.

    I remember as a young kid in the 70's that the Argos catalogue (and Green Shield stamp catalogue before it) was somehow fascinating and going with your parents to one of their outlets, while they bought a kettle or steam iron or similar, was an adventure. Nowadays it's one of the last places I...
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Down the rabbit hole

    A home made immersion chiller is a good addition to your brew kit. With regard to a gas burner, make sure it is suitably rated for your needs, some people use electric induction rings, a possiblity if your stock pot is of the right material.
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    Common brewing practices you’ve never done

    Whilst I have tried many techniques, I never now... whirlpool use liquid yeast add finings in the FV take a FG reading (just leave it 2 weeks) cold crash rack to a secondary batch prime use anything other than bottles