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    Show us your dog

    Here's Penny feeling sorry for herself having had a cist removed this morning 😔. At least she gets a slimming turtleneck jumper to comfort her.
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    Hear me out...

    Sorry to disappoint, but I'm unlikely to be able to experiment with nitrogen any time soon. Wheat beer through a hand pull looks more likely, I just have to convince a hater of mass marketing to let me borrow his. @Obadiah Boondoggle 😁
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    Hear me out...

    Cheers Grant, I get it for NEIPA and any aromatic beers, but does that mean a Wheat beer would benefit from handpull? Either way I'm keen to explore it more. I'm only so intruiged as I did the syringe to some wheat beer whilst I bottled it and it was great. Tasted like marshmallow clouds and...
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    Hear me out...

    According to totally unsubstantiated claims on Google, nitrogen dulls bitterness (good for a wheat beer and NEIPA), assentuates malt (good for wheat and NEIPA) and gives a fuller mouthfeel (good for... You get the idea) Maybe I can convert one of the Malty Coloured Swap Shop to give it a try.
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    Hear me out...

    H How would you alter a wheat beer recipe for better mouthfeel? I've adjusted the water chemistry, even bunged in a bit of carafoam for extra head retention
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    Hear me out...

    If I had gas I would. Or should I say if I had kegs I would, the wife can confirm I have gas. I may try doing a wheat and an IPA through a hand pull though, I just think that fluffy cloud mouthfeel is missing in my beers at the moment.
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    Hear me out...

    Nitrogen wheat beer. I could be wrong (small minded and poorly travelled), but I've not seen any other style of beer use nitrogen commercially. Surely a nice full feeling wheat beer or pale would work? Would it not add to the juicy, chewy texture of a NEIPA?
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    Induction Hobs

    Same here, I BIAB with induction. I use my Inkbird set to 65c to heat water and then do the adjusting temp and mash in manually after. When setting to 65c it runs over but is normally close to temp once doughed in. I keep the temp probe in just to check mash temps but don't use it to control...
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    One step forward, one step backward.

    Don't use trial and error, particularly if you are priming individually, use a priming calculator and get accurate measurements Get yourself a few hundred ml of beer or water (A). Add the total number of bottles together in volume (B)...
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    Crawley - gumtree malts haul Unsure of reason, but someone is getting rid of a lot of malt for a fair price.
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    Anyone else leak in the night?

    It's stainless but like @Dads_Ale says it's likely leaking through the thread. I think next time I'm going to blu tack the outside, it's not a lot of water loss. I think just a bit more of a seal externally will stop it.
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    Anyone else leak in the night?

    It's the seal between the kettle and tap, I have rubber and metal washers both sides, along with vaseline and tape, but it still seems to leak. When warm the leak stops, so only really a problem overnight before a brew day.
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    Anyone else leak in the night?

    I thought this would just become a problem as I got older, but no. Unfortunately of late I've found I've been leaking in the night. Vasaline, thread tape, plastic tape, all to no avail I long for the dry nights of my youth...
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    CML Beòir Yeast Overattenuating

    Weirdly enough I had the same thing with a current brew. All malt wort, and 90% attenuation. Added a percentage point to my ABV as well! I do find CML yeast do attenuate more than they state but not normally this much more?
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    Sorted My Grains This Morning.

    I avoid the price per L function, don't want to think about my wastage!