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    Well did you manage to get to the hairdressers then?

    We have a 15 year old young man living with us. My wife picked him up from the school bus and knowing that she had had an appointment at the hairdressers today, he rather foolishly (bearing in mind this was after the appointment) asked her "Well, did you manage to get to the hairdressers then?"...
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    Are you a true Northerner

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    Temp control

    I have found it much harder to keep a brew cool enough than it is to keep it warm enough (old carpet, heating tray/belt) - I can't think of a better way than a fridge to keep it cool
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    Temp control

    HI La Having taken your last thread totally off subject, I will try not to do the same again I am not familiar with your term press? Are you afraid that it will become too warm or too cold? Who are the fairies that you think you are dealing with, Sorry
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    Completely wrong dry hop

    I think I have found your head Mr Brewlabski
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    Completely wrong dry hop

    I would like to point out that my name is Boondoggle and I would be grateful if you would not make reference to my dongle; it holds too many hurtful memories for me
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    Completely wrong dry hop

    Very succinctly put - I wish I could have said that
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    Completely wrong dry hop

    Just realised how well qualified I am to be an MP
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    Completely wrong dry hop

    None whatsoever, however, I do have a lot of experience of talking gibberish and pontificating on issues that I know nothing about
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    Completely wrong dry hop

    Sounds lovely - if you don't like it, you could always bring it round here
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    Suggestions for burn out / disinterest

    Ian How very brave of you - I admire your honesty What has helped me is linking up with other local home brewers In the depths of lock down we began virtual pub meetings once a week and have created some great friendships from it. This week alone we have had a trip to a local brewery and a...
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    What are you reading ?

    I am reading this thread
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    National insurance.

    The announcement today fails to differentiate between the NHS and social care You would have to be an idiot not to support the idea that the NHS needs more money, having just coped with the Covid pandemic and everything that has meant Medical and Nursing care is what the NHS is about There...
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    Came downstairs this morning to a burst bottle

    Having taken advice from my "people" m748. I would suggest that you move to a bungalow that doesn't have a cellar and that you clean the mess up that you may have left on the stairs carpet this morning
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    Christmas Beer - adapting from a kit

    Hi CJC I don't do kits, but it all looks good to me Well done for experimenting Don't know what ABV the kit promises, but more sugar would increase this - typical in a Christmas brew Leaving it so long to condition is exactly right from my perspective Do you happen to know what yeast strain...