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    How to repair the black rubber on top of a corny keg?

    In my usual spirit of trying to be helpful - have you thought about one of these rubbers? Yorkshire Pudding Flavour - yummy
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    Cornelius gas

    The cheapest way to buy gas is the bottles like pubs use This is what I do - here you can get a refill for £15 a time - but you have to pay a deposit on the bottle My suggestion would be to email [email protected] and ask his advice - he is very helpful or @BenParr at Keg That
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    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    And the outcomes from that are visible to everyone to see/taste Sorry everyone Chopps and I need to stop these bizarre private jokes Hasn't he done well? So proud to call Chopps a mate :hat:
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    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    Well it would do away with the need for the bins
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    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    Could you describe the taste please ? 😎
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    And worse still nostalgia is not as good as it used to and it costs more ashock1
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    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    Shive? do people replying to this thread make words up? Firstly we had Spigot now shive Is a shive what people from the West Midlands do when their beards are getting too long? Andy to reduce your risk I would be happy to accept your first cask here and try it out for you - just like any mate...
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    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    Peter Miss Rigby! Stella, my love! Would you please send in the next auditioner, please. Mr. Spiggott, I believe it is. (enter Dudley, hopping on one leg) Peter Mr. Spiggott, I believe? Dudley Yes, Spiggott by name, Spiggott by nature. (keeps hopping) Peter Yes...if you'd like to remain...
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    New member introduction

    Just remember FB - Patience Patience is the secret to good brewing Welcome and enjoy your new hobby
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    Conservative MP Michael Fabricant

    But Fubricant wouldn't make any sense CT
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    I repeat the comment I made earlier i.e. the secret of good brewing is patience Cold crashing will achieve nothing that time alone won't
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    N what about the name Arthur Clutchbucket?
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    I wish I'd have said that TETB
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    I would be inclined to wait until day 10 Just because there is no obvious activity doesn't mean it's finished. In the turmoil of active fermentation the yeast do produce by products. Once all the sugar has gone they will get rid of these by products, so your brew will taste better The secret...
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    The next Malt buy by the South Cheshire Co-operative

    We have decided, to protect the interests of everyone involved with the group buy, that in future a user name and password will be needed to access the site Existing users should already have received these If you have not or want to join in the group buy please PM me Thanks OB