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    Who wants this guinness microdraught for Christmas?

    I also have no doubt that the specially designed cans will only be available from,a limited number of retailers and probably cost twice as much as cans of Guinness from Aldi) and of course when it is inevitably discontinued in a year or so as who exactly is going to buy a £750 for a device that...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    GW Archer Best Bitter (4.1%) The best part of the weather being that bit colder now, beer out of an unrefrigerated corny is at the perfect temperature. I‘ve gone for a very low carbonation level (think it should work out about 1.1 volumes of CO2). Beer itself has a little sweetness, and the...
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    Hop choice

    Fuggles and East Kent Golding for sure, I would then want a more general ’bittering’ hop probably Challenger. You can make a lot of decent beer with just these three. Also seen I match a lot of people, honestly I would have a hard time doing without Bramling Cross, but I have to go for the...
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    Nottingham yeast attentuation

    Just to add a bit more anecdotal evidence for the attenuation being a bit higher than advertised I used CML Midland in a batch of Mild (which is almost certainly Nottingham) and ended up with 84% attenuation and this was a beer made with a fair bit of crystal and roasted barley so was not...
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    Can or bottle.

    This actually does make a lot of sense, my first thoughts when it comes to canned beers is four packs of cheap larger, although with more and more of the more up market breweries using cans I do wonder if this would start to shift.
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    Employment law

    In certain circumstances yes, but they have to be up front about it, and you have to be aware before you go on the course, generally most cases I have heard of it is as part of a specific training contract, I.e, you get a job for an accountancy firm who agrees to fund your training. It also is...
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    All grain 5ltr

    The big advantage of the BIAB (Brew in a Bag) which is when you use a grain bag is that it is a very straightforward and easy method, which is why I use it. But the method outlined in the thread is also perfectly valid and Is how I did my first small batch, and got good results.
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    All grain 5ltr

    A 9L pan is fine for this, and yes a grain bag does make life a lot easier. As for using a demijohn it is fine although I would say they are a pain to clean afterwards (I would suggest using something like Oxiclean after a brew). Also take a look,at this thread here it is a wealth of...
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    What did you brew today?

    A one gallon batch of ‘Stoutly Mild’ (all grain kit from Crossmyloof) From what I can see this is a Mild which includes a wee bit of roasted barley, either way ot was a nicely put together kit. Only issue is that since I added a 15 minute dunk sparge my efficiency has started jumping a lot (on...
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    Malt names

    Well their are a number of reasons first ‘Crisps’ is one of a number of companies that produce Malted Barley (other companies include Simpsons, Thomas Fawcett and many more). Certain types are varieties (i.e. Maris Otter which was a variety developed by the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge...
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    Calling Saison brewers

    You can get non-diastatic Saison yeasts though I have not tried them personally I think for me part of the appeal is that they tend to be quite dry. I would actually be quite tempted to try making a genuinely session like SAISON, but it just seems wrong to make a beer with a sub 1.030 OG.
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    Calling Saison brewers

    As much as I love Belle SAISON it is an absolute monster in terms of attenuation I have had it go as low as 1.001 but the beer I have made with it has being consistently tasty. Only issue is how damm strong your beer can be with out meaning to be, before I started reducing down my grain bill I...
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    What did you brew today?

    Greg Hughes Southern Brown Ale I’m not actually sure what the difference between this and a Mild is (lots of crystal malt and some chocolate Malt, low hopping level with Fuggles) but non the less I rather liked the look of this recipe so will see how it turns out.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    It is indeed, (the Archers Best) to be precise.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Just kegging my Graham Wheeler Archer Bitter and for a beer fresh out of the fermentor it is pretty damm good, I’ve made this a few times and find it needs only a short period to condition so reckon I should be fine to drink in a couple of weeks.