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  • Drinking:
    BW Golden Rocket Strong Pale
    Dregs of Festival Old Suffolk Dark Ale

    PB / Bottle conditioning:
    MJ Juicy IPA (again)
    St Peter's Cream Stout

    In the FV:
    MJ Grapefruit IPA

    Next up:
    Beerworks Founders Double American IPA
    Beerworks Dark Strawberry Belgian Ale
    PB: Youngs American IPA
    Bottled: Mangrove Jack's Raspberry Berliner Weiss

    PB conditioning:
    Festival Old Suffolk Strong Ale

    Something from Beerworks. Spire Derbyshire IPA or Golden Rocket Strong Pale.
    Tiny Rebel Cwtch
    PB conditioning: Youngs American IPA
    In the FV: Mangrove Jack's Raspberry Beliner Weiss (short brewed to 15L, no sugar)
    On the radar: Beerworks Will's Olde English Ale
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