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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fine Panther Please, pretty please!!
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    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    I'm in Goose please, many thanks, thank you!
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    Directors - Quick question

    I have brewed this beer about 10 times now, its a shame Muntons have discontinued it, I have always gone from the FV to Bottle with a level T/S of brewing sugar per 500ml and never had a problem. I don't like my beers to over carbed, so this is just right for me. The longer Directors is left in...
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    Any Fastferment conical FV users out there?

    I purchased two 30lt SS Conical Fermenters for less than £120 each delivered, one from eBay and the other from Amazon both unbranded and from abroad. I have been very impressed with these FV's easy to clean handy tap at the bottle which I use to bottle and because the Trub is concentrated into...
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    All grain brewing or kits

    Try the Part Grain kits, you only need a 15lt pot and then the normal FV brewing kit. These kits only take around 2.5-3 hours and are a great way to get started in the real brewing world, slightly more than the tinned kits but a whole lot better IMHO
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    How many kegs do you own

    Because I have 3 kegs so I can have three different beers on the go at any one time
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    How many kegs do you own

    Because the drink is far better from a keg IMHO
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    How many kegs do you own

    3 x 5lt Kegs, gives me the flexibility of different beers over a weekend. I do the unthinkable! I condition all my beers in bottles and then fill my kegs with my choice of beer from the bottles and before any one gets on about infections I have been doing this for over two years now and never...
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    LoveBrewing's Pick Your Kit Giveaway in honor of St. Patrick's Day

    Mackies Sweet Stout for me please!
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    Woodfordes Nog

    I got it to 4.5% with out any additions but it was still the most disappointing brew I have made so far! It lacked taste and also tasted very weak!
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    Mangrove Jacks Irish Stout February Giveaway

    Count me in Please!
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    Courage Directors

    Yes IMHO its taste exactly like the draught Directors, I always have this brew on the go. I would say though the longer it is left after bottling or kegging the better it gets!
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    Part Grain Brewing Kits

    Thats interesting as my last brew said to keep it on the heat and adjust the Temp with the heat source for 30 minutes!
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    Part Grain Brewing Kits

    The grain mash took 30 minutes on our Kitchen Gas ring. The mash & malt Boil took 60 mins at 100degrees rolling boil, at no point did I need any towels or anything to wrap the pot as it kept its boiling temp fine, the grain was a bit more work as it has to be kept at 65 degrees so it was just a...
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    Beer engine

    I would say they are ok for Lager? but not sure about Ale?