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  1. Paul Roberts

    Anyone else fed up with NEIPA?

    Seems to be an abundance of DIPA at moment in the supermarkets. I'd like to see more black IPAs
  2. Paul Roberts

    Induction hob

    Hi I'm looking at a 20/25l stove top pot. The new malt Miller ones look of interest. One avenue is to use a portable induction burner. However they all state max pot size 28cm. Does anyone use an induction burner with a pot larger than the burner? If so is it still effective
  3. Paul Roberts

    Carlsberg Marstons

    Whatever happened to fiddler's elbow that got me into real ale as a kid
  4. Paul Roberts

    What did you brew today?

    Safale 05, ill admit I know both to about yeast to have d picked better
  5. Paul Roberts

    What did you brew today?

    I used clibits have a go thread and brewfather to create the profile. Smells good so far
  6. Paul Roberts

    What did you brew today?

    I'm attempting to go all grain today with a very simple 5 litre recipe 1kg maris otter 10g fuggles 60min 10g East Kent Golding 10min 5g fuggles 10min My hope is I enjoy it then I'll invest in equipment to make bigger brews
  7. Paul Roberts


    Brilliant let's do this then
  8. Paul Roberts


    Hi, very seriously considering a move into kegs. Was looking at aeb 9 litre or 12litre mainly due to space. My other issue is I dont necessarily have space to dedicate a whole fridge to them. Could they be chilled down in an Ice bucket for serving. Also once the keg is carbonated does the...
  9. Paul Roberts

    Is this going to be the end of the orange man?

    Even if Trump loses, its not the end. He won't go quietly with grace and dignity. He will scorch earth everything to have last word
  10. Paul Roberts

    Brewmaster ben

    Quite liked Ben’s videos and Grants aka beer lover tv
  11. Paul Roberts

    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Fermentasaurus gen 2
  12. Paul Roberts

    Sodium percarbonate..

    Sorry to jump in, I use VWP for my cleaning and chemsan/starsan for sanitising. What’s the difference between vwp and sodium percarbonate
  13. Paul Roberts

    Father’s Day is Coming!

    do you have any recommendations for a company that sell the Jerry cans ?
  14. Paul Roberts

    Woodforde Nelsons Bitter.

    Always a lot of love for those kits, I tend to get steered to Mangrove Jacks. I’ve just finished a Young’s AIPA so will give w Woodfords a go next