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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Is that a North Brewing Lost Cosmonauts? That and Buxton Kingslayer were my favourites from the last Tesco range. Northern Monk's Faith in Futures is my favourite so far from the new lot.
  2. Pavros

    Wilko Feeling Hoppy

    I just chuck them in. When siphoning, I put a small mesh bag from a Festival kit over the end of the tube in the fv to reduce transferring any trub into the bottles.
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    Have I made a mess?

    Yes. A siphon tube that attaches to the tap and reaches the bottom of the second fv would reduce any unnecessary splashing. It's the same thing if you ever have a stuck fermentation and stir it to mix the yeast back into the wort. You need to stir carefully without splashing to avoid...
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    Have I made a mess?

    When you transferred to the second fv via the tap, did you attach tubing to the tap reaching to the bottom of the new fv or did you 'let it drop' into the fv? After fermentation has started, you want to minimise any introduction of oxygen into your brew so you need to avoid any splashing. If...
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    Can you leave vwp in brewzilla overnight

    Vwp is chlorine based, isn't it? If so, stainless and chlorine don't play well with each other. It may be ok to give it a clean with vwp as long as you rinse everything well but I wouldn't leave it in contact for any length of time.
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    Fermenting Bucket Lid

    Just to be awkward.... I brew only beer and I don't care if my lids don't seal fully. I actually unseal part of the edge as I hate using an airlock for beer. I also prefer the flexible lids for this reason. If I was making wine, my decision would be the opposite to the above as I would want to...
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    I mixed up malt and yeast, is brew ruined?

    You've probably killed the yeast. Do as Slid suggests in post #2 and add another sachet pronto. If you have another kit which you haven't started yet, then use the yeast from that. If not, then buy some from Wilko or your local homebrew shop. It's useful to keep a spare pack of yeast in the...
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    Brew stopped bubbling after 3 that normal?

    I try to dry hop for 4 or 5 days but sometimes it's longer depending on when I get time to bottle. I usually prefer hoppy US style IPAs so I want a big-ish hop hit. I'm not sure which hops you are using: citrus type hops, I would say 4-5 days; traditional Belgian style hops, probably less...
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    Mangrove Jack Irish red ale help

    Yup. 2 x 2 litre coke bottles (other fizzy drinks are available). Just make sure that the bottles originally contained fizzy drinks not still.
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    100g of Punked Up hops , what kit should I use ?

    Like Clint, I would suggest a 1 can kit with 1kg or 1.5kg of dried malt extract. I think something like Wilkos Feeling Hoppy IPA kit would be good.
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    Overrated beers

    A lot of the ales have been altered to achieve the same profit levels as the cheap bland lagers which are served ice cold. Boddingtons was an excellent pint on draught in the 80s. Just like Pedigree, Stones etc. Back on topic, I don't get on with many sour beers, fruited beers or traditional...
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    Mangrove Jack Irish red ale help

    If the reading is constant over 3 consecutive days then it's done and ready to bottle/keg. If you're not sure if it's finished (but think it should be) then kegging is safer as they have pressure relief valves to help vent any excess pressure. At least you won't end up with bottle bombs with a...
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    Brew stopped bubbling after 3 that normal?

    Hopefully you are using hop pellets rather than leaf. You will struggle pushing whole leaf hops into a dj. I would just drop the pellets loose into the dj. They will float on the surface for a few days but will drop to the bottom if you cold crash or move the dj before bottling.
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    Subscription services

    I think it depends on whether you judge it on price or trying some limited edition beers. If all you are interested in is price, then supermarket deals and online specials are the way to go. If you like craft beer then Morrison's and Tesco have upped their game in the last couple of years. I...
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    Brew stopped bubbling after 3 that normal?

    Buy a turkey blaster (£1 from Wilko). That's what I use to get a sample into the trial jar for testing.