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    Cask ale in a corny?

    Having been on a few threads that discussed these "stout taps" I don't think you'll get a glass of foam. But I don't think you'll get a glass of beer either! I understand they need a fair bit of pressure to force the beer through the restrictor plate. Hence they get used on high pressure mixed...
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    Mash Out

    Could be? Possibly because the Alpha amylase, far from being "destroyed" by the heat, starts working overtime to convert any cloudiness-creating remaining starch? This is what I want to try next: Hochkurz Mash. Although they are still blagging on about "mashout" - I can just skip over that bit.
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    Mash Out

    "Brulosophy"? Are you taking the Michael? Or are you one of the rare breed that believes that Brulosopy make valuable and sensible conclusions? wink... We need a link to "The Brulosopy Effect : exBEERiment Results!!".
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    Mash Out

    "Stop the enzymes"??? I mash some beers at 74C. At least one commercial beer is mashed at 74C. A lot of the enzymes are on the way out after 1 hour at 66C anyway. At least no-one said "it lowers the viscosity" so it runs-off easier (well, @foxy almost did but perhaps thought better of it?)...
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    Storing beer for use with beer engine

    As "Trueblue" says, 5-6 weeks (condition plus dispense time) is about right. Note, the beer is under threat from the time it first enters the polypin, not from the time it is tapped. One solution I've seen (in pictures) is to have the bulk of the beer in a more substantial container and...
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    Just nabbed a 1/4 cask! Imperial Stout meets wood experiment!

    You describe the "cask widge" system. Home brewers use the floating extractors quite a lot to replace Corny keg rigid dip-tubes, but the extractors are just one element in a larger system. Designed for "upending" steel casks but are probably good for wooden casks (but upright wooden casks will...
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    Carbonating in a pressure barrel

    Happens to us all. This is the trace from my current brew: It seemed to stop on at 1.020 on 20th June (the app generating the graph has back-to-front US dates). Not that I care 'cos the beer ain't bottled or destined to be a "keg" beer. 40 hours later it kicks off again! Characteristic "Tilt...
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    Polypin alternative

    They are PVC rather than Polythene. Nowt wrong with PVC (as long as not hot?) but things get used with PVC (plasticisers and stuff) that isn't so good and is what often gives the "plastic" flavour. They are tougher than polythene though.
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    Airlock drawing back at the end of fermentation

    It happens! Both my fermenters are stainless steel which should be fairly rigid. And I see it happen. Even without changes of temperature (which can produce lower pressures if the change is fairly big; e.g. "cold-crashing", and cause CO2 to be absorbed if temperature drops, but this is countered...
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    Pressurised fermentation in corny keg

    I didn't really answer the question posed by the OP in my last post. But the link in my last post does up the pressure to get higher carbonation … so, answer is "yes"! Though I am using a secondary regulator as my "spunding valve" (I really don't like those crappy poppet-type valves* everyone...
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    Pressurised fermentation in corny keg

    It's not as bad as that. My thread doing this is: I am using floating extractors, but cloudy beer is coming from an unexpected source, probably yeast on the keg above the surface. I now give the keg a good swirl...
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    How accurate is your hydrometer?!!

    Good shout! Folk don't need to use a pycnometer all the time, but they do provide a reliable calibration point for the "everyday" instrument. But the shopping list won't end with the pycnometer. They cost as little as a fiver each (delivered) from China. You don't need built-in thermometers or...
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    How accurate is your hydrometer?!!

    "Good"? Are you sure about that? I have to hack the output of my Tilt to get any sense out of it. As the title of this thread is "how accurate is your hydrometer" I think it pretty well excludes "Tilts" and their somewhat uncertain accuracy. In my current brew the Tilt is chucking out: Which...
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    How accurate is your hydrometer?!!

    The beer I was measuring earlier (OG 1.049) is about finished. The "Tilt" hydrometer is recording 1.018-1.019 but that seems a bit high (Tilts do go wonky after a few days in the fermenter). Seems a good time to test the 10ml pycnometer. I know it's volume (10.62ml) and its weight (12.33g). A...
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    Big nipples

    There's something wrong with me. I saw "big nipples" and thought of pipe fittings!