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    Buffers Brewery Pressure Barrel “Bung”

    Keith deserves a Knighthood in my eyes. Mine works fantastically as well
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    St Peters Golden Ale

    Is brewing sugar required for first fermentation these kits ?
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    King Keg leak.

    There is a gentlemen on here who has engineered a contraption and had a couple for sale. Hopefully this will sort it out. I do eventually want to move on to the corny kegs
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    Buffers brewery King Keg lid

    Definitely in the market for this, if they are still Available.
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    Better quality King keg cap

    hi, did you sort this problem out in the end, I'm having similar trouble. I haven't gone as far into the remedies as you so far though
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    King Keg leak.

    It is my first time with this barrel. I’m gonna bottle this batch and liaise with brew2bottle for some potential remedies or a refund. Maybe if King Keg themselves could be arsed to carry out some quality control checks then less people would have issues. I’ve been reading a lot about...
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    King Keg leak.

    Yes, in reference to jumping the cock, my lid seems to be doing it also. Should I, purchase a new lid or is it the barrel at fault?
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    King Keg leak.

    The lid looks wonky and it won’t go on any differently. it’s definitely the o ring I the lid where the air is coming from.
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    King Keg leak.

    I think I’ve read/watched everything I can find about king kegs. I cannot for the life of me get mine to hold pressure. I’ve changed to squared o seal, tried the ptfe etc. Sprayed soapy to find the leak and it’s coming from the o ring. I have noticed the cap does not look like it’s on straight...
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    Pressure barrel

    Cool!! It seems to be holding a small amount of pressure. So I should expect to see this rise in the next 7-10? I’ll be praying to the carbonation gods 👍👍
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    Pressure barrel

    I have beer in it now. It's been in around 24 hours and sat at about 1 psi or close to that. I have sprayed it and cannot see or hear any leaks. I'll keep an eye on it but I think it will be ok fingers crossed