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    Show us your dog

    One of Chases five a day
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    Whatever Happened to Water Beds?

    What size of batch could you ferment in one of those, the airlock gurgling might be a turn off to some though
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    Win a Kit of your Choice from LoveBrewing

    I’m happy to re brew the Blonde for free
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    My balls are a bit stiff

    Bit of a Pervy thread imo
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    What' the most memorable (not necessarily in a good way) pub you've ever drunk in...?

    The worst, easy -The Culten bar in St Ninians Stirling (thankfully long gone) I was in it for a grand total of about 12 minutes when the next thing I knew was I was rolling about the pavement outside Guess strangers weren’t welcome, I must have missed the sign
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    Homebrew supply deliveries delayed again due to COVID panic buying

    A few miles, I would start walking Unless it’s a 25kg sack of grain wink...
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    Locked threads??

    Oooft Is everyone running out of beer
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    Everyone stay at home Everyone back to work Everyone go out as much as possible Eat out to help out Grab a coffee on your way to work to help local business Let’s get the economy moving Right that’s it, last warning, who told you to go out? Everyone stay at home
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    Dark Rock Brewing

    If they done that then most of their customers would order the grain from elsewhere at a cheaper cost and their custom kit sales would plummet Brew store in Edinburgh are exactly the same and I don’t blame them, they have taken time to find a recipe that works and turn it into an attractive...
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    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    The guys from Crossmyloof emailed me to say they were having a read of this forum, seen my post and it looks fine. Cheers
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    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    Not sure if this is infected with wild yeast? Smells and tastes ok but doesn’t look like a bottom fermenting yeast? Anyone know?
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    Healthy drinking

    Fat/Fit there’s not too much in it. 50k a week !!!! I thought i was doing well on my bike!
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    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    Cammy and Steven from CML both got in touch via email (so quick) and suggested a couple of things and also said they will send another couple of packets out ASAP I told them I would make my next order a bit larger and thanked them for first class service Thanks
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    Crossmyloof "Hell" Lager Yeast - opinions

    Ok guys, decision time, help please Still nothing Do I pitch Ale yeast? Or wait until tomorrow and order more today? I have 2 packets of Pia and 1 West Coast ale yeast but wanted a bloody lager! Is it advisable to re-stir now? Cheers
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    Green Shed Brewers

    Welcome mate You are like me, in the 4 weeks before Christmas I also drunk 100 pints Oh wait, you have mates helping you wink...