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    best kit to start with?

    Go for a two can kit they taste so good , as mentioned Wherry is a good choice and can be bought in Wilkos or some large super markets.
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    ITC-308 UK Giveaway

    Nice piece of kit, count me in
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    auber pid

    Yeah that took me a while to figure out too:thumb:
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    The true £ cost of home brewing

    break down for 80 pints electricity 15kwh £2 Grain 7kg £8 hops grown in garden free otherwise £3 water 200l £0.40 yeast if not reusing then free £3 sundries max (water treatment, etc.) £1 total under £16 20p a pint (can be as little as 15p) no...
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    100ltr upgrade - help me design :)

    I have 70L thermopot brewery so can offer some advice if only 70% worth I hope that is ok, not being able to edit posts after I have written them makes it very difficult to write them after plethoric quality control :cheers: I take it back I can edit Yeah:thumb:
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    Making Progress

    well the brew is going mental! It managed to lift the lid of my Blichmann Fermenator that weighs in at well over 500g. It was fine last night then BAM! yeast everywhere what a wonderful sight. Never thought I would need the clamp
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    Making Progress

    well first brew in over a year, what a great day! 40l 7000g maris 400g crystal 100g terrified wheat ;) 50g black 80g Progress 5% 90 20g Progress flame off used all three pots today nice quick brew water on at 11 mash at 1pm 65 for 90, boil at 2:30 cooling in fermenter aerated...
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    My oh my what are these.

    and the new pics? Come on Ian don't let us down been nearly 3 months now!
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    South east Essex group network

    So White Hart pub Liverpool Street Station 30th November 4pm onwards all welcome Essex or not sounds like a plan :thumb:
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    Chlorinated Water

    you don't need campden tablets for kit brewing, the theory is that in the mash phenols from the grain react with the chlorine to form chloropenols (TCP taste) so a bit of bisulphate to remove the chlorine helps the taste.
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    Adivce for a Novice

    go for it, it will add nearly 1% to the abv :thumb:
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    Experimental brew: RIC

    very nice, thanks for the caramel info.
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    Growing Hops??

    I got no hops from my fuggle this year and not enough from my EKG to fill a punnet, :( think I may have to dig them out they have been at it for 5 years or so and given me kilos in the past
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    Coil length for HERMs pot and which PID?

    I use 8mm and just shy of 2m I believe (6 loops diameter 10cm so 60x3=180ish) not had a problem, I use the same Pids as Vossy and Aleman.
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    DIY Carbonation Cap

    I have pub CO2 and regulator board so can set the pressure