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    Nøgne Ø IPA clone

    First time checking in for way too long, busy with new job and hew house... This was a good brew, tasted it with the real thing and it wasn't quite there in terms of aroma, but still really happy with it. Will have to try and make time to get something on the go again, this would be a good...
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    AG #1 - Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout clone

    Lovely beer to go for as a first timer! You can connect a silicon hose to your mashtun outlet valve and add the mash liquor from underneath (underletting) - this should give you a better temperature distribution and minimise stirring :thumb: As soon as you have covered the element (think it's...
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    strawberry ribena beer?

    I definitely found there was a big temptation to go a bit crazy when I started brewing, adding fruit/spices etc - the inevtiable results were less than impressive :sick: It didn't take long for me to realise it was more sensible to get some experience brewing "proper" beers before...
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    be carefull

    I've found the bottles anchor use don't get on well with my lever capper - these had to go into the recycler. Brewdog type are ok but removing the labels...not worth the hassle! For 330ml size Leffe are great, or duvel/chimay etc, clean up easily and very solid. I like erdinger for 500ml size...
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    Pale, EKG brew

    It's been a while so I need to get a brew on... Something straight forward and easy drinking, about 5% and a good hop kick, I've got pale malt carapils and East Kent goldings along with S-05 yeast. Any advice? Otherwise I will probably go 100% pale malt, 90 min mash at 66C, hop to 35 IBU over...
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    Belgian Tripel - 18-02-11

    Have you got this one bottled yet? How has it looking so far?
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    Belgian Tripel - 18-02-11

    This one looks good. Hope it's gone well! I prefer this type of beer a bit drier and with slightly lower bitterness, but that's personal taste. What temperature are you planning on fermenting at?
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    bottling for first time

    That looks like a good haul :thumb: But are they 2 wine bottles I see? If so you want to be careful, they are likely to explode - they're not designed to take any presure.
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    School boy error gives beer inspired Russian roulette game

    I had the same problem on my first couple of batches, including one bottle that went bang... It helps to make the sugar solution up with a decent amount of water, it'll mix a lot more easily than a thick syrup which can settle if you don't give it a gentle stir. My biggest problem now is...
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    "Little Bottler" bother

    Have to agree with commsbiff, that's the way to do it! It means you also have a free hand for enjoying a pint at the same time :) I put the crate on the (open) door of the dishwasher, that way there are no spills to mop up - close the door and job done.
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    Silicone Hose Exclusive offer (Out of Stock)

    Got mine through yesterday, thanks again :thumb:
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    Sanitising Thermometer and Hydrometer

    I would agree with the others that boiling is a bad idea... You can make up some no-rinse sanitiser and keep a litre or so in an old juice bottle. Fill the trial jar and drop the hydrometer in and leave it sitting for a minute then decant the sanitiser back into the juice bottle. I keep the...
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    Cost of brewing

    Right, feel free to rip this to pieces: Ingredients for 20 litres Malt say 6kg @ £2/kg = £12 Hops say 100g = £5 Yeast say 1 pack dry = £3 Water say 1p/10 litres – 40 litres for brewing, 20 for washing = 6p Irish moss say 5p Sanitiser say 5p Caps – 40 @ 2p = 80p Leccy - I'll assume 11...
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    brewferm ambiorix

    Candy sugar is a product produced by brewferm - you can also make your own at home by boiling a sugar solution and a pinch of citric acid, which will save you some pennies. A quick search on here should see you right :thumb: Personally I'd use unrefined brown sugar boiled up in a bit of water...
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    Cost of brewing

    Since you've got your own supply of ale at home now I'm guessing you'll be wearing a beer jacket a lot more this year, so you'll not need the heating on as often. Only sensible answer I can come up with!