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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    I will support the underdog and opt for the Red Rebellion IPA please.
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    Zombie Fermentation!!!

    If there are any bubbles in the wine they must be tiny as I can't really see any. If it wasn't for the fact that the airlock is still producing a bubble every 2 minutes or so I would be sure that the fermentation had stopped.
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    No covid jab

    Do you currently refuse to let your child be vaccinated against rotavirus, measles, meningitis etc?
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    Zombie Fermentation!!!

    I made some fruit berry wine, gave it just over a week on the pulp in primary then racked it to a demijohn. There wasn't much airlock activity and after a few days it stopped completely. After a week I took a hydrometer reading which was 990 and the taste was decidedly dry, so it seemed that the...
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    How to make Turbo Cider.

    I think I can lay my hands on a bunch of cooking apples but I don't have any sort of cider press or juicer. Is it really worth chopping up (or blending if I can get hold of a blender) apples to add to the supermarket apple juice? And if so what sort of quantity per gallon?
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    New CML yeasts announced!

    Back in the 90s I visited Freeminer Brewery and the owner went on a bit of a bizarre rant that people shouldn't drink with their eyes and that there was nothing wrong with cloudy beer. Seemed a touchy subject for him!
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    Stout kit

    I agree. You want plenty of malt in a stout and I have been underwhelmed with one can stout kits (including the Coopers Irish Stout that some people seem to rave about) even when adding malt extract or brew enhancer rather than sugar. The other option is a "Toucan" where you brew two kits...
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    Did you go for the best quality varifocal lenses from Specsavers or one of their cheaper options?
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    Blackberry season

    Sanitising fruit for wine making seems to consist of freeze the fruit, hit it with some boiling water (presumably not too much if adding to beer) then a campden tablet and leave for 24 hours before using.
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    Fruit wine - timing for Campden tablet and pectolase?

    I'm going to make another fruit based wine (using strawberries and some other berries all currently frozen) and just wanted to check forum member's experience of the initial process please as there seems to be conflicting information out there. 1) Last time I made a fruit wine I defrosted and...
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    Free hops to collect - Scotland Central Belt - Now offering postage (details in post #6)

    I have used the Summit hops for dry hopping and haven't noticed any particular garlic or onion character. Doubtless there are variables at play and I suspect it may be one of those things where some people are more sensitive to it then others e.g. if you actively dislike whatever seems like a...
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    Recommendations for low ABV hoppy/IPA kit? - Hophead style

    Don't do this as the resulting beer will be thin and watery. If you want to reduce the strength then just add less sugar or even no sugar at all. It's been debated before and to get a tasty but weaker beer from a regular kit you would do better to make it with no added sugar (rather than the...
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    Recommendations for low ABV hoppy/IPA kit? - Hophead style

    I think Hophead is supposed to use a lot of Cascade hops, so maybe try something like the Wilko kit (or another IPA kit that comes out around the strength you want) and dry hop it with 100g of Cascade.
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    Out of date kits

    You're half right. wink... Brew them together with 1KG of brewing sugar. At least it will have some body and a bit of a kick (6% ABV or so).
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    County lines drug dealing

    Unfortunately the permanently offended UK right wing press will rile up the grey vote at any prospect of softening our drug laws, regardless of the professional legal, medical and economic reasons for doing so. Until the Daily Mail, Sun, Express etc. get on board most MPs (and Tory governments...