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  1. roboto

    Bottle washing hacks

    No issues so far. I love how easy they are to seal compared to having to cap a bottle (although having a good quality capper helps a lot in that regard). If they're clean I just add a little chemsan, close and shake. Then pour them out just before filling.
  2. roboto

    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    You might be right about thinking like Russians, but in terms of approval if we're going to define 'most people' as 52%, i.e. anything more than half, then Putin might not have as much support as you think.
  3. roboto

    Rishi Sunak announces £350 support for households

    Energy company profits at an all time high. Energy prices at an all time high. Seems like an obvious solution. And if we can afford to write off billions of pounds of Conservative Government fraud, or bail out billions of pounds of banking crisis debt, why the hell can't we subsidise the...
  4. roboto

    £52M Houses???

    Not sure how apocryphal this quote is but I think Dolly Parton once said something like "it costs a lot of money to look this cheap".
  5. roboto

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    +19L of a Cloudwater/Brewdog NEIPA Clone +9L low abv Mosaic/Citra ale 674L
  6. roboto

    The Homemade Pizza Thread

    The steels are good at domestic temps as they give up their heat to the dough more readily, so the pizza cooks quicker and therefore more closely in style to a 'proper' pizza oven. This is most important for Neopolitan style pizza where you don't want it to dry out too much, but is less...
  7. roboto

    Who is More Sleazy - can you help me decide?

    There's tons of celebrity pedophiles out there, Andrew is nothing special. But Boris is a monumental embarrassment. Even with his great power (and great responsibility) he's managed to **** it right up. I'd love to see him go but all the potential replacements make me dream of Theresa throwing...
  8. roboto

    The art of parking.

    If I owned that car I'd probably park like a knob as well.
  9. roboto

    The Homemade Pizza Thread

    I bought a sheet of mild steel via lazermaster. Ended up about £30 (half of which was shipping) and they will cut to specific dimensions, so you can have it fit your oven racks perfectly. They'll even round the corners of you want. 6mm thick is about right, not too heavy to move but holds plenty...
  10. roboto

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    Had a slow end to the year but managed a little batch of Mango IPA in November, only bottled 6 litres as I had so much trouble with the trub. Every little helps though :laugh8: (Just checked and I never totted up a batch of pseudo-lager I made in the summer, so add another 15L) 29,361 L
  11. roboto

    Too cold.

    I drink with a chap who likes his beer 'warm' and does exactly this. Doesn't help with the first drink but if you buy a round ahead it gives the next one time to warm up a bit.
  12. roboto

    Electric trucks.

    If we're making hydrogen from renewable energy anyway then why not just power the trucks directly? No idea if it is but it seems like it would be more efficient.
  13. roboto

    Can we be a little more accepting of our differences?

    As someone who regularly uses poorly tested software I also say things like 'this shouldn't have been released' 🤣
  14. roboto

    Food grade buckets??

    The PP logo means poly-propylene which is food safe too. You should be good to go.
  15. roboto

    Petrol & Diesel prices.

    Had to use one in an emergency once when I miscalculated how much I need to get home, put in just enough to get to my local garage though so at least I didn't have to pay full whack for a full tank... I just had a raise, which is good as otherwise I might have been tempted to walk the 20 miles...