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    Samuel Smith's Double Four Lager

    Had this on the weekend and really enjoyed it. Has anyone attempted a clone? Cheers Ron
  2. Ronnie23

    20 beers for £24 delivered.

    Thanks for the heads up. I've picked up a case
  3. Ronnie23

    Reuse yeast from pressure fermentation

    In my experience yes
  4. Ronnie23

    NEIPA grain bill

    How long do you whirl pool for mate? Do you take the first dry hop out before putting the second in?
  5. Ronnie23

    Ali Express delivery costs Yikes!

    If you're after a cheapie mate, eBay of Amazon. I've got this guy - does the job
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    New CML yeasts announced!

    Has anyone tried the new clipper yeast?
  7. Ronnie23

    New CML yeasts announced!

    Small ish. It's mashed high and uses a yeast that doesn't ferment maltotriose. Check out David heaths video as he puts it better than me. He also provides a link to an article by lallemand which elaborates on brewing low abv beers
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    New CML yeasts announced!

    Sure mate. He recommends Windsor (amongst others). As it's maltotriose negative - my experience would suggest this one is too, although I can't confirm. I scaled the recipe up to a full batch. This tasting notes are pretty spot on. For a sub 1% beer it's respectable. It's better then nanny state...
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    New CML yeasts announced!

    Used it for a copy of @David Heath s low abv IPA. Worked as per the recipe, came out under 1%. Decent beer too considering the low alcohol
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    Power Controller for excessive liquid loss in Peco boil.

    I use one of these @Brew_DD2 makes a good point though...
  11. Ronnie23

    Crossmyloof hop extracts

    Yes. I've done two brews with them, both a NEIPA based around even sharks need water. I used outback and citralicious - one of each in 20l. I've not tried the recipe with normal dry hopping so can't compare but was happy enough with the outcome. I'll keep experimenting with them
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    Hot water pump One of these and silicone tubing
  13. Ronnie23

    Hot water pump For something dirt cheap these are good. Get yourself a pwm dimmer for speed control.
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    New crossmyloof 'Haze' yeast.

    It will pass - probably doesn't require any action. I always get sulphur with this one a few days in. My process is that I increase the temp toward the end of ferment, not to say this helps with sulphur. I never open the lid, no need.