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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Steady On Ale small batch AG kit by Oak Home Brew, which is a clone of Black Bat Ale, for anyone that knows that ale (I don't). Had my first bottle last night - really pleased with it. Deep amber/brown in colour - had to shine a light behind it to show the colour. Fruity aroma and a sweet malty...
  2. Scott Begbie

    Hello from Brazil

    Thought you might say that! I stayed in Cassino for a week, but it was during winter, so very cold and boring! No parties on the beach! Flew from RJ via Porto Alegre and Pelotas on a tiny plane - scary! 🙈
  3. Scott Begbie

    Hello from Brazil

    Boa tarde! Bem vindo. Onde no sul voce mora? Enough Portuguese - I might get into trouble for not chatting in English! I lived in Rio de Janeiro for a while. 🇧🇷
  4. Scott Begbie

    Under-primed - Advice Required

    I've had a couple of under-carbonated beers, but it's happened with using carbonation drops. 1-drop per bottle. I think the ones I have weigh about 2 to 3g each. I'm thinking the drops are at fault. I might put more sugar in, say, 10 bottles and see the difference.
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    Under-primed - Advice Required

    Evening everyone! Bottled my pimped-up MYO Irish Stout last night and had an 'oh feck' moment today, when, out of the blue, I realised that I'd under-primed. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I batch primed for 17 x 500ml bottles @ 4g per bottle, but I got a yield of 28 bottles. Don't ask! So, instead of 4g of sugar per...
  6. Scott Begbie

    Dark Farm Keg dispenser

    Guys, if you batch prime rather than force carbonate, do you not pull up sediment (from the fermentation that carbonates the brew) from the bottom of the keg? Or is it maybe on the first pour only?
  7. Scott Begbie

    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    In the past month, I've bottled another 5L AG kit from Oak Home Brew and got 15L of a pimped MYO Irish Stout to bottle the weekend coming. 3431
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    What did you brew today?

    I brewed my second AG yesterday - a small batch kit from Oak Homebrew called Steady On Ale, which is a clone of Black Bat. Never had Black Bat before so won't be able to compare the results, but it sounds nice! This brew day was much more relaxed than my first dabble with AG! If I get time...
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    Anna's Brewdays

    Hi Anna. I started this crazy hobby of brewing by making meads, thinking that beer would be too difficult! How wrong was I! I've fallen out of love with mead to be honest. Apart from those that involved red berries or hibiscus, the rest were a bit, meh. I opened a bottle of my JAOM at...
  10. Scott Begbie

    PET bottles and tops

    Think I'm on my fourth bottling of beer into my brown Coopers PET bottles. All OK! Just remember to rinse and clean your bottles straight after each pour to remove any sediment. 👍🏻
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    My dry January effort officially ended tonight. 6lbs of weight lost in 3 weeks but a house move falling through, a tough week at work and a bloody sore back has put the wife and I over the edge. So, 1st drink was a glass of rose with dinner (didn't touch the sides!). Second was a glass of...
  12. Scott Begbie

    beginners kit

    I know what you mean Pete - a lot of time and effort for 8 bottles. I'm only doing it to see if I enjoy the experience and if the brews are indeed better than what I've brewed to date using extract kits (I've made a couple of beauties!). I did quite enjoy the whole mash, sparge, boil etc...
  13. Scott Begbie

    beginners kit

    It's the Freckled Birdie that I've got fermenting at the moment. I also got the Steady On kit. There's a thread on here about Oak Home Brew too, which I'll update with my findings once the Freckled Birdie is ready. There are a few others that do 5L kits, so look around. I just liked the look of...