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    Ball bags

    The needle is the worst part, the ache is the most annoying and uncomfortable. I needed an extra injection in my left too. I could feel him pulling and what felt like sawing a "rubber" tube! Not as painful as the needle but the kind of thing that makes u feel queezy! Ice pack, bed rest and...
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    Overrated beers

    I firmly believe John Smith's is only ever bought because everything else to quote my early 60s father "Are too gassy!" Doom bar, Pedigree, Bass, etc are an extension of this from the point they are either equal to or slightly better than John Smith's. In terms of Euro lager. They are all...
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    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    Personally I like pineapple in a WOW but find 1/2 a litre to be about right. I did a "Lilt" WOW that had pink grapefruit and pineapple juice in that was very popular.
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    shop help

    Brew2bottle for kits Crossmyloof for yeast and hops
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    Supermarket Juice Wine How To guide and Recipes.

    See Rodders post 5 up. As long as you stabilize and it's kept well I think it's fine. Just might not improve much after a few months.
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    Good Value Hotels in or around Manchester

    Sorry I meant Salford Quays not Trafford quayside. Don't know if this is the kind of thing you're after but it's a good deal...
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    Good Value Hotels in or around Manchester

    It really depends what you plan to do for the 3 days. Fallowfield is the student area/village and has good bus and rail links into the city, but there's not a great deal there if your not a student. Trafford quayside is quite nice as you have a few shops, cinema, theatre and media city. It's...
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    Beer is fermenting but gravity remains the same

    I may be barking up the wrong tree but would some amylase help or is that something to use prior to fermentation. Or is it something that would strip the body too much and leave it too dry?
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    Is there any way to increase the "appleyness" in a TC?

    There's was a guy called brew master Ben on YouTube who did different TCs with different yeasts and preferred an ale yeast; with one of his points being it retained more apple flavour. He's not made any videos for years but he's a lot more watchable than some other youtubers. He's been...
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Wonder if they can squeeze Christopher Lambert in somewhere?!?
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    Its already happening. Henry Cavill aka current Superman has been cast.
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    In the middle at lidl

    I didn't want to give you any preconceptions or spoil the surprise, but yeah it's a terrible hot mess of what IPA is now!