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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    Spent the day moving my ugly DIY kegerator build into a different room and building in a second fridge, shelves etc to make a bar. 75% complete so celebrated with a few pints of Peroniclone (perfect for a sunny afternoon) and amazingly I cracked a bottle of the blackberry and elderberry wine we...
  2. Shaun Clark

    What did you brew today?

    Bit of a cheaty day yesterday. Bro in Law fancied getting into brewing so leant him some kit and walked him through a Coopers Cerveza tweaked a little with some good old Tate&Lyle. Realized whilst I was dusting the old extract equip down that I had a Woodfordes Wherry kit nestling, forgotten in...
  3. Shaun Clark

    What did you brew today?

    Love that CML Kolsch yeast. Ferments a lovely crisp Pils at 12c in my garage.
  4. Shaun Clark

    What did you brew today?

    If you used a yeast starter the hungry buggers should hopefully devour any less welcome critters.
  5. Shaun Clark

    Wine from used beer grain

    If only the local HBS sold some kind of air still :confused.:. Sounds like Whiskey time to me!!!
  6. Shaun Clark

    Fermented hot sauce

    Oh man! Restoring old cars and bikes, playing in a band, all grain brewing, artisan bread making are taking up enough of my gad damn life... where do I sign up? :groupdancing:
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    * October Give Away * It's MASSIVE!

    The Mrs says i'm always wining so this will be perfect. Count me in!!!!
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    What did you brew today?

    Last Friday I had a CBA (cant be Ar$ed) with all grain day and fancied a Christmas ale so checked out the extract kits on offer. Didn't want overly ginger flavour as I prefer that in Summer and was aiming for more of a Hoegaarden/mulled wine affair. Wilkos had one of their payday sales on so...
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    Hi a quick intro..

    They know when they are on to a good thing! Good grief Gerry. The ultimate Catch 22. Enough kids to drive you to drink but too busy with them to ever get drunk!
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    Hi a quick intro..

    I have a 16 year old daughter. I already do that job 40hours a week!
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    Nicks90's Brewdays

    Love your 'thingy' style experimentation. I have played the brew all the bits left from other recipe game and got some great results. I made a Hefferweisen/Hoegaarten thingy that was flippin awesome. Problem is I can never replicate it as I just bunged a load of various malts left over, some...
  12. Shaun Clark

    Hi a quick intro..

    Having brewed a few half decent (but not good enough) wine and Coopers kits around 10 years ago. I dug out my buckets from storage late last year as Mrs C had collected lots of hedgerow fruit to make wine and pies. Whilst visiting the LHBS I thought it would be rude not to check that the...