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    21mm and 38.1mm QMax Hole Cutters

    Just a heads up: Selling my 21mm (for taps) and 38.1mm (for Peco electrical elements) Qmax Hole Cutter Tools on Ebay. These are brilliant for cutting holes in stainless steel boilers quickly and neatly if anyone needs one or both sizes. Only used both tools for cutting a couple of holes so...
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    Totally Tropical, not, well tropical

    I've used US 05 a good number of times, prior to moving to liquid yeasts and would have no quambs about starting it at 20°C and then dropping to 18°C for fermentation. Should be fairly clean ferment even at 20°C constant - although if you have no cooling facility then it may have drifted up...
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    Whole vs Precrushed Malts

    I have just moved from pre-crushed to milling my own. Only done one brew with the milling my own but my efficiency for that one brew has jumped from around 70% to 80%. Clearly efficiency is not the be all and end all and I've always been happy with how previous brews tasted but certainly...
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    Connecting wort chiller to water supply

    See post #15 on this thread, this is how I did it, https://www.thehomebrewforum.co.uk/threads/wort-chiller.71987/
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    The brew got cold.

    Reheat it, take a gravity reading at 18degrees or thereabouts so you know where it's at now and take it from there. Hopefully will finish off once warmed up.
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    Insulating conservatory

    If extra heat just for brewing may be simpler to build a chamber in the corner and heat that with a tube heater cycling on/off controlled by an inkbird 308. Or a cheap fridge off ebay setup as a brew fridge would give you cooling and heating options. If you generally want to make the...
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    AT "TURN" OFF.

    If steeping, which I do, turn off heat, chill to just under 80c (which takes only 2-3 minutes with copper coil chiller) then add your flameout hops and leave for 30 mins before chilling to pitching temperature. At under 80c you get a great hop addition but no bitterness is added.
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    Giveaway Inkbird temperature controller!

    I'd love an ITC-308, please pop me in the draw !
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    How much yeast.

    No adverse affect, should be better - the 6g packets of yeast supplied in some kits are a bit on the light side. 11g is better.
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    Executive man shed

    All grain awaits - slippery slope and all that !
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    Tadcaster calling

    Welcome to the Forum John, I am in Wetherby so not far from you. Good luck with your brewing adventure !
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    Which grains as a starting point?

    In addition to Marris otter (lots off) and some crystal (10%) , a small amount of chocolate malt (2-5% for some bitters) and roasted barley (5-10% for Stouts) would be handy if you want to brew those styles, you can usually order those malts in 500g or 1kg bags which will cost you nothing and be...
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    First BIAB! Get 'er Brewed's Hoppy APA

    Free! Send me a conversation with your address and I'll post it to you
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    First BIAB! Get 'er Brewed's Hoppy APA

    Thumper, I have a push in copper pipe with holes hop filter for the peco you can have if you private mail me you address Buckshee of course!
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    Fermentation temps and chamber questions

    just seen the reference to a chest freezer, so yes that fitted with a collar to lift the lid could be a great option - with tube heater and inkbird 308 added to control everything