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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Lucky Freedom Grapefruit APA
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    Prototype Dry hopper - Fermzilla All rounder

    Very impressive design! How does the level actuate when the magnet is removed, is it weighted or sprung to open by default? Looking at it I thought the magnet was going to need to be repelled to push the lever open.
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    My new dry hopping method!

    I think the plastics must be slightly porous to the molecule size of CO2 / nitrogen and once the pressure gets higher than a few psi it becomes noticeable. I have printed solid enclosures for speaker tweeters that needed to be 'air tight' and tested them by sucking on the back with a vacuum...
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    My new dry hopping method!

    P.S. As well as the varnish, I printed everything solid, '100% infill' essentially.
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    My new dry hopping method!

    Wow lots of cool ideas here! I used a Sayerlack 2 part varnish (because I had it), so it sets much like an epoxy glue. I'm sure any 'yacht varnish' would also work just take longer to cure. I like the idea of vacuum sealing a magnet! I did think of using a magnet or maybe thin thread to hold...
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    My new dry hopping method!

    Just because... CAD
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    My new dry hopping method!

    I've realised that many of my past beers have been hindered by oxygen at some point, even though many were quite drinkable. So I'm on a bit of a quest to be rid of the damn stuff! To this end I have attempted to make a device which allows me to dry hop without opening the fermenter. I use a...
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    Kveik Stuck Fermentation - what to do?

    Gave it a good shake and raised the temp to 36C. Now gravity at 1014. I think I'll transfer tomorrow. I'm quite worried leaving it for so long at a high temp is going to give me oxidised beer. Not keen on this Framgarden yeast. Much prefer VOSS.
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    Dry hop again?

    I do not want to de-rail this thread but my current position is doing NEIPA with high temp Kveik and getting oxidation. I do have closed transfer but I've been storing for conditioning at 20C and I think that is too hot so encourages oxidation even further.
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    Dry hop again?

    Very interesting. Have you tried using hop aroma oils during kegging / bottling as a substitute? I think they are pretty nice! Anybody here made a method of releasing a dry hop charge without opening the fermenter? I was thinking hop sock tied to roof of vessel and released by uniting a knot..
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    How long to sterilise with PBW?

    I'm brewing today so thought I'd do the test also with wife's PH meter. 4 weeks old star-san (used once): PH 2.39 Fresh Starsan: PH 2.24 PBW (Sodium Percarbonate) 1 desert spoon / 5L: PH 9.56 PBW 2 desert spoon / 5L: PH 9.69 Very interesting to me that despite doubling the PBW the PH...
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    Dry hopping in a fermentation bucket

    Yep I've got that on my last heavily dry hopped kveik beer despite trying my best to keep oxygen away. Large hop quantity, warm temp and middle of fermentation. Very difficult not to get oxidation of some amount. Realising I need to go direct from FV to fridge storage.
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    When is it really finished?

    Simply from reading recipes the general wisdom seems to be hit FG then 2 days for 'D' rest. If fermented at cooler temps, raise to 20C for D rest. Followed by 2 days cold crash and/or finings and keg. If you dry hop, do that after D rest at 14C for 2 days. Longer dry hopping reportedly has no...
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    How long to sterilise with PBW?

    That's not quite true, PBW is highly alkaline to the point that most microorganisms can not survive. It's a good pairing with Starsan because that works by being highly acidic. If you have some litmus paper try sticking a bit in each of the cleaners - they send it off the scale at both ends...