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    How stupid can you get?

    I prefer skeptic. Calling yourself antitheist is really daft. How can you be against something which you don't believe in? It's like defining yourself as anti-tooth fairy.
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    How stupid can you get?

    I love a good chat about religion, but if I'm lucky enough to have Tories knock on I tell them I don't want them on my drive way and ask them to stand outside the border. Then I thank them and close the door.
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    grainfather glycol chiller

    Before I forked out for my adapter kit I made this: Use any fermenter with this Grainfather Glycol Chiller Very handy if you want to use the chiller with anything other than your Grainfather Conical.
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    Equipment upgrade

    Put my Stone Adnams IPA clone in yesterday
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    CAMRA at it again

    I mean pick your battles right? Whose side do they think they're on? They're not helping anyone with statements like this.
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    Equipment upgrade

    This is where I find having a tilt really useful. An iSpindle would be a cheaper alternative though as you wouldn't be using a visual indicator for fermentation finishing.
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    Grainfather G-40 info

    Hadn't realised that, thanks. I still think it will be around the £1000 mark, which I don't feel; given the comparable competition, is that competitively priced,
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    Grainfather G-40 info

    Oooohhhh the S40 is on there as well! Grainfather S40 Brewing System "RRP: $499.88 " With a tap! Uses an immersion chiller though
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    American Homebrewer's Association Clones - 2019 (part 1)

    What is it about Bells and their love of Centennial? Two Hearted is all Centennial too :beer1:
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    Grainfather G-40 info

    Shame, still no tap on it.
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    Grainfather G-40 info

    "MAP: $1,499.00" According to that site
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    Russian River Pliny the Elder Clone

    I dunno what Odell IPA counts as, but if it's West Coast then yes, yes it is.
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    3 word story.

    starfish whipping kit
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    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    SK2 Stockport please @Chippy_Tea
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    Pitching directly onto the last brew’s yeast trub

    I do this for Barley Wines. I'll make a smaller ale or ESB and then pitch directly on to the cake. I essentially use the first beer as a massive starter.