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    Mick Dundee’s Kegerator Build

    Absolutely stunning that mate. Well done. I've had a kegerator for a good few months now and the novelty/wow factor still hasn't worn off.
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    Draught beer.

    They sound like real a-holes. I don't like using extracts in beers, but I wouldn't dream of criticising someone that did, nor accuse it of not being "Real" beer. I genuinely believe some beers are better on cask/hand pull and some are better on keg. Each to their own. Carbonation is just...
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    Victorian Bitter

    That's a fascinating read. Currently the keg in my fridge has no gas attached and the Pint365 pulls it through on it's own pressure as is. I'll likely top it up when it's passed half way. My next experiment will be to let the beer "finish off" in the keg, apparently (temperature dependant) 1...
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    Victorian Bitter

    I heat belted the keg and used DME this time around. Well over carbed, but then it's a new toy to play with. I'll perfect it eventually. I shall add it to the collection athumb..
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    Thermometer reccomendations

    +1 for Thermapen. I use one to calibrate everything else I use for temperature reading AND they're still on sale £36.00 inc VAT Was £51.60 inc VAT -30%
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    Victorian Bitter

    I was just curious as I've just hooked my kegs up to a hand pump and I'm thinking of getting a floating diptube. Do you: 1) Ferment all the way, transfer and then carb up? 2) Ferment all the way, leave it flat and serve via a hand pull? 3) Or leave it to "finish up" in a keg on it's own a few...
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    Victorian Bitter

    And a monocle. I can see it now gentleman brewer peebee squinting at the readings, light glinting off the glass. Are you using a "real" cask? or a keg? This is a fascinating post, thank you for taking the time to write it up.
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    what hops to add?

    Simcoe is LUDICOUSLY fruity when not used as a bittering hop, I love it more as a late addition whirlpool as I'm not a fan of the pine. If it was me I'd use the cascade as the bittering addition depending on the alpha acids, what AA is it? What brewing software are you using? Brewfather will...
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    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Upgrade (Ludicrously cheap and simple)

    Hello, When I moved to kegging I purchased the Grainfather Pressure Transfer kit, only to find that the out tube at the bottom wouldn't fit standard 10mm beer line...
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    what hops to add?

    Not to wee on your chips Tom, but NEIPA's can be an easy beer to cock up and they're usually pretty expensive because of all of the additional hops. If you've the equipment for closed transfers, closed dry hopping, temp control, water chemistry and some ascorbic acid then great, but if I didn't...
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    Grainfather conical fermenter pressure transfer kit

    Hi @Fritzpoll85 Did you sort this out? I can look at my past orders and find the mm it you still need it.
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    Other hobbies

    1) Growing a protective dome around my midriff for protecting my internal organs and keeping my back strong 2) Walking the dog 3) Reading - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, no pretensions of literature here 4) RPG and boardgames
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    Draught beer.

    Got the Pint365 set up. May I present Arsend bitter (So called because it was the arsend of my speciality malts and some maris otter, coupled with a near date special release bitter yeast. I've not brewed with a hand pull in mind before and...
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    My own brewery

    Shiny SS Brew kit always gives me a nerd on. Are you passivating it? Did they do the drilling? Of was it a DIY job?
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    Request:Northern Monk's Faith

    Found one!