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    Why are Tilts so expensive and can you justify the cost of buying them

    I recently bought the DIY iSpindel kit off a seller on eBay. If you have the DIY skills then it's easy to build and program. The calibration is a bit tedious with the sugar solution but you only have to do it once and your set. I have set it up with the BrewSpy App for logging data and all...
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    I brewed a DDH pale ale recently and it went from 1054 to 1009 @ 28C in4 days..
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    Two Hearted WLP4040 stopping bubbling after only one day

    I agree the refractometer can only be used to check gravity before fermentation starts as the alcohol screws the reading. I have tried and found that a beer with FG of 1015 on my hydrometer reads 1040 on my refractometer. So taking enough readings comparing both the hydrometer and the...
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    Brew Monk

    I also bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. Very nice piece of kit and successfully made my first brew without any issues. However one thing I did notice is that the description of the unit says "Power is adjustable from 100W to 2500W in 100 watt increments". I found that whatever value...
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