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    Vintage Beers

    Our club brewed a vintage Kottbusser Ale last year as a collaboration with our local microbrewery to help celebrate our county’s Beer Week. I pieced the recipe together from a variety of sources. Though Ron Pattison describes the original versions as sour, we didn’t do that and stuck with a...
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    Lithuanian Krupnikas (honey liqueur) recipe

    Best friends’ son recently married a lovely young lady whose family has Lithuanian roots. The bridal party made a large batch of Krupnikas which is a strong (95 proof) spiced cordial made with honey, water, grain alcohol and spices. The bride was kind enough to share the family’s recipe, which...
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    Keen amateur

    Greetings! Many things can contribute to hazy beer. Assuming your recipes don't have haze-producing ingredients such as wheat, you can start by assuring a rigorous boil with the use of Irish moss during the last 15 minutes, then chilling as quickly as possible thereafter, and whirlpooling...
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    Finally bought an RO system

    My best results with extract beers are with 100% RO water. The extracts contain all of the mineral content which was in the water used to make the extract. So, straight RO or distilled water will reconstitute the original wort without adding additional mineral content.
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    1st time cider brewing.......

    That cider is probably done, though I would also taste it. Racking it off the yeast will help dispel some of the dissolved CO2. For cider and meads, I also usually stir them to add additional nutrients and drive off CO2 during fermentation, because CO2 is toxic to yeast. But your cider seems...
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    Songs to cheer you up

    One more. This makes me smile for a few reasons, the venue is a private home owned by a friend of ours who tricked out his barn as a music venue, 5 minutes from my house; the band (Sideline) is a national talent at the top of their game; and the harmonica player is a friend and local musician...
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    Songs to cheer you up

    My favorite touring bluegrass band. Sadly all upcoming shows and festivals have been cancelled, so I have to get my "fix" from videos.
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    President Trump promises to sort Covid-19 by 12th April

    My $.02 on this thread, and then I'm done... President Trump was not my first choice. (My first preferences were either Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson.) But there were sixteen Republican candidates in the primary, and Donald had too much populist support. He got through the primary process with...
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    Adding fruit to cider.

    If you can acquire it, I prefer using fruit puree over whole fruit to a cider or mead, because it is much easier to add it to the taste level you want. I would not add it up front, but wait until primary fermentation has been well under way for awhile. If it continues to ferment some of the...
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    Corny Keg set up

    The shut-off valve is a convenience which you probably can add yourself. The keg connector should shut off automatically when it is pulled off the keg, so there should not be a risk of CO2 loss that way.
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    President Trump promises to sort Covid-19 by 12th April

    There's a lot there to digest here, but in the spirit of community I'll keep most of it to myself. But this is the most precious. Have you even paid attention to the sh!t that Mexico's President has said and done? Google is your friend. Ever seen videos or photos of Mexicans scaling the...
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    Corny Keg set up

    If the connection looks like this, it's called a "flare" fitting. Very typical for gas connections. The inside of the male connector mates up tightly with the beveled ("flared") surface, and makes a good seal. There are nylon washers available, for example if the smooth surface gets nicked...
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    President Trump promises to sort Covid-19 by 12th April

    President Trump did not say that. He hopes that by Easter which happens to be the 12th, that at least some parts of the US will be over the hump and some businesses and schools could consider reopening. He used Easter as a point of reference because of its religious holiday significance, but...
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    Wheat Beer - Corriander & Orange Peel

    Go easy especially with coriander, you can always add more but you can’t take it out once it’s in there. Adding after primary is safe, the alcohol will retard growth of any unwanted microbes. Here, we are able to get dried orange peel from supply shops, either sweet or bitter, to add to beers...
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    Pump Suggestions

    It’s easy to spend other people’s money, I know, and maybe I’m the outlier here. But I’m shopping at a LHBS, where I know I can get parts and service, rather than sending money directly to a country who hates us, employs forced labor, and threatens to extort us by withholding medical supplies...