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    Leaking Barrel Cap

    @Steeley Why the double post? The other was here, same subject Perhaps the forum magician @Chippy_Tea will combine them wink...
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    Cost per pint

    So what would a pint of 'cooking bitter' cost where you are In Oz? I've no idea whether £6 a pint is a reasonable or not. In the UK prices are regional as well as based on what you are drinking. In central London expect to pay at least twice as as you would north of, well, Northampton for the...
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    BIAB Newbie

    Dont get too concerned about brewhouse efficiencies at the moment. Everyone seems to get something different. Even the AG kit you intend to buy will be based on general assumptions about BH efficiency and...
  4. terrym

    Leaking barrel cap

    Ah. Not this time. :laugh8: But what I will say is you are 100% right about tape on the cap threads being a bodge to fix a leaking cap seal.
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    Out of date lager

    Buy a pack of Crossmyloof Brewery Kolsch yeast and ferment below 20*C is my suggestion if you have no brew fridge. Malt extract tends to darken as it ages so it might turn out looking more like a pale ale.
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    Newby questions about levels of yeast in bottles

    Similar thread two days ago. Wot I said in that... "A thick layer of yeast on the bottom of a homebrew bottle usually means its been bottled too early. So when the primary fermentation has well and truly done, typically 7-10 days although it can be longer or shorter, move your beer to the...
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    BIAB Newbie

    Set yourself up with the basic ingredients for a SMASH beer and go from there. Or buy a copy of Greg Hughes Home Brew Beer (costs about £14) and pick a simple recipe from that, there are loads to choose from.
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    Checking fermentation

    Then there's not a lot more I can add. If you are using sufficient priming sugar (say from the calculator) to the beer, it is thoroughly mixed in the bottling bucket or added direct to the bottles in exactly the right amount, and you are allowing 2 weeks to carb up in a warm place, you are doing...
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    Checking fermentation

    If you are going to batch prime I suggest you get a bottling bucket (or a second FV) and transfer your beer into that, then mix the beer and syrup in that. I can never see the sense in allowing your beer to clear in the FV, ideal for bottling, but then stirring which disturbs the yeasty trub...
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    Checking fermentation

    I prime all my beers at the rate of 4g sugar to one litre which many would say would give undercarbonated beers. But I get fully carbed beers with a good head whether served from the fridge or at 'cellar temperature'. I usually add sugar direct to the bottles and after adding will gently roll...
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    Checking fermentation

    250g of sugar will probably result in overcarbonated beer. I suggested in an earlier post you use the calculator here to find out how much sugar to add to your beer to match the style If you are adding sugar by the teaspoon one slightly rounded...
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    No pressure

    Do not fear, the 'how to fix your King Keg PB' cavalry will be along soon, although they regularly assure me they never go wrong. Otherwise hope you get it fixed. athumb..
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    99% apparent attenuation

    Assuming your FG is correct, the only times I have read or heard about beer FGs going as low as 1.001 (especially with an OG of 1.077), is where a wild yeast infection has occurred. I have no experience of that but others may be able to elaborate
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    Slight jazzing to a Wilko IPA kit

    No it wont. But when you clip the lid down just slightly release a small part of the lid to FV seal to let the CO2 out. Try this for dry hopping. I suggest you get a bag in which to put your hops...
  15. terrym

    Brewing with Terpene oils

    Me neither. :hat: