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    Love Brewing Giveaway - Still Spirits Tonic Water Flavouring Kit!

    Would be interested in giving it a try!
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    The next Malt buy by the South Cheshire Co-operative

    Scott 1986 Hi just put a order in,I'm in derby if it will help , Don't mind collecting for you Perhaps you could liaise with ken
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    Four Priests Brewery YouTube channel

    Subscribed and best of luck in your venture
  4. The drunken cyclist

    Smallest 4-keg keezer solution?

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but how are you going on with this freezer? Im looking for a freezer to convert,do you use it on the fridge setting? Have you any photos of it finished
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    Keg That Giveaway!

    West coast ipa . please
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    I get 90% of my hops from them,super quick delivery and Great follow up emails, makes you feel part of the company/ family!
  7. The drunken cyclist

    Good pubs in Derby

    Your already a local then!! The hospital is a nursing home now. you're certainly a committed rams supporter ,shame about the mess they find themselves in.
  8. The drunken cyclist

    Good pubs in Derby

    If you have time in makney then the dead poets up in Holbrook is a great pub with great beers,its also run by the Brunswick team, spotted cow in Holbrook is good to. We're spoilt for choice round this area for good real ale🍺🍺
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    You need something like this in m10 thread one end into your T the other screws into your pump outlet
  10. The drunken cyclist


    Okay ,sorry.the thread on the pump is a m10,I've just tried a bolt in mine
  11. The drunken cyclist


    Isn't that the pump hole?don't you need to attach it to the tap on the side
  12. The drunken cyclist

    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Redneck please,awesome thanks