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  1. The magistrate

    Gas loss of my barrel

    Replace the rubber seals on the valve. Then gas it up again
  2. The magistrate

    First ever Stout & Porter - ideas?

    Stout, historically, meant a stronger porter (about 9%) and porter was soured. Today's porters are nothing like that at all and I guess if they were the modern palate would reject them as being 'off'. Harvey's Imperial Russian Stout is still soured (or was the last time I had some), and is...
  3. The magistrate


    Go for mashing rather than using kits would be my advice. If you can cook, you can brew this way and the results are, in my opinion and those who drink my beers, far superior.
  4. The magistrate

    Sparge Water Temp.

    I am no scientist but for 45 years have always sparged with water which is hotter than the mash temp. I aim for 70-75C. Never had any problems doing this. A hotter sparge does make sense to me because you are 'rinsing' the sugars from the grain whereas colder water is lees likely to have this...
  5. The magistrate

    Heatwave beer ruined

    I'm lucky I guess in having a cellar in a v old house. However those few hot days we had could play a few tricks nonetheless. There are one or two dodges which can be used to clear a yeast haze, if that bothers you, personally I don't worry about such, but you can add gelatine finings (rather...
  6. The magistrate

    Gravity too low; what have I done wrong?

    My old-fashioned way usually yields 90-95% efficiency. Grain loose in a mash tun (coolbox adapted with bazooka and tap), sparging is v important, with liquor at 70-73 C. The late Dave Line reckoned that about 20% of efficiency was recoverable this way and I believe he was right. Hops also need...
  7. The magistrate

    Commercial vs Home brew fermentation times

    When I lived in the midlands I was but a stone's throw from the Batham's brewery so I used to go there with jar and spoon (but no Fez) and collect their wet yeast which I believe was a Bass strain. It would ferment out on average in 2-3 days. Nowadays I don't have access to that so use a dried...
  8. The magistrate

    CAMRA at it again

    Just seems to me they're climbing on the same trendy bandwagons as just about everyone else. It bores me.
  9. The magistrate

    Modern mild - am I really the only brewer who makes it?

    Reminds me of a jazz festival I played at in Denmark a few years ago. The organiser was a Brit who also had a pub just a few yards from where the festival took place. He told me that it was up to the pub owner whether or not to allow smoking as long as there was a notice on the door. He allowed...
  10. The magistrate

    Modern mild - am I really the only brewer who makes it?

    What's in a name! Meanings change over time and what is regarded as mild today is very different from its historical roots when it meant fresh (not soured) porter. Most beers 300 years ago or thereabouts were brewed from brown malt kilned over a smoky fire hence the passion among some for smoked...
  11. The magistrate

    Modern mild - am I really the only brewer who makes it?

    I usually make my mild recipes on the hoof but basically for 5 gallons I'd use about 5.5lb mild ale malt, 4-6 oz crushed roasted barley, 3-4 oz crushed black malt and plain old fuggles or goldings hops. I would also use 12oz demerara in the copper. If I'm doing a modern stout then it's 6.5lb...
  12. The magistrate

    Modern mild - am I really the only brewer who makes it?

    Faram's once suggested Vienna when they stopped doing Mild Ale malt. I did try it but in my opinion is was nowhere near as luscious as the Mild malt. I do have a sack of the real deal down in the cellar; I can't recall which malster does it.
  13. The magistrate

    Edward Colston statue case could be sent to appeal court

    My degree is in law for what that may be worth. Criminal damage is not a strict liabilty offence but has the defence of 'lawful excuse'. Now, I have to state that the important features are that I, and I suspect nobody else here was present at the trial to hear all the evidence and arguments...
  14. The magistrate

    Modern mild - am I really the only brewer who makes it?

    I don't know but guess it's unlikely. Nobody, especially those in the trade, goes to trouble simply for the sake of it. It depends on what you can be satisfied with. It reminds me of the 1980s at the height of the home organ retail adventures. Salesmen would try their best to convince you that...
  15. The magistrate

    CAMRA at it again

    Indeed so but the distinction remains a truism. The abuse of language is nothing new.