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    Sodastream gas for serving

    I use soda streams for dispensing. About 1/2 a canister will dispense 1x 19L corny. Regarding connection to adaptor - you will find there is a washer with it. If it is the soft type (usually black) place it on the end of the cylinder before connection, rather than in the adaptor as if you do...
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    Oxidised bottle from keg :(

    Oh man, I would absolutely love a Boel iTap.... ;)
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    Blow Off Tubes

    I use a bit of 3/8" beer line straight into the gasket which is there for the airlock. It's not the most flexible thing in the world, so you might need a bit longer piece
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    Help with angram beer engine problem

    It's only really the diaphragm or the demand valve that can be at fault. When you say you have a demand valve, do you mean something like this, fitted externally?
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    Priming a cask...

    Prime to about 1.2-1.4 vol CO2. use this calculator: Beer Priming Sugar Calculator | Brewer's Friend to work out how much sugar that means for you.
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    Equipment Wanted 3 x Kettle elements with IEC fittings

    Hi guys, Getting kinda sick of repairing my kettle elements which I tore from £5 kettles. Looking to see if anyone has some old 2.4kW elements they're willing to sell on the cheap which already have IEC connections on them? I know I can get them new but £30 each or thereabouts is taking the...
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    Equipment For Sale Stainless carbonation caps

    Hiya! Interested in maybe one of these? Got plenty of o-rings so shouldn't be a problem. Question about using these - how long do you leave the bottles on the gas with these? is it a 1 bottle left for days situation, or blast inject CO2 into each and you can do a whole batch in a few hours?
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    Run out of gas

    Yeah it'll be fine. I would disconnect the beer and gas lines / remove the coupler, and obviously don't try to pour any
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    Aerate before or after pitching yeast

    Good answer, thanks!
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    Aerate before or after pitching yeast

    Why though? Because that's the way we've always done it?
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    Aerate before or after pitching yeast

    I think it won't really matter too much. Only thing I'd think of is yeasts getting trapped in the air stone and it being a bit hard to clean, and yeast transferring to future batches. Don't see any other reason for or against either really.
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    CO2 purging barrels/cornys. How do you do it?

    This. The only way to guarantee it is both fully purges with CO2 and also sanitary. If you fill it with water and blast it out, how do you know there were no microbes in the water?
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    Wheat Beer Fermentation Stuck/Off flavour & smell

    Hi guys, So I have been fermenting a wheat beer this week, trying to push the banana esters as hard as I can. I used WYeast 3638. Malt bill was basically 70% malted wheat & 30% pils. Hopped it lightly with Mandarina Bavaria. I decided to open ferment this beer, but did so in my fermentation...
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    Out of date yeast

    Aye it's gonna be totally fine. Of it was 6 months put of date I'd maybe consider making a starter. Probably not though.