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    I got an ispindel back in March off @ChrisPDuck but never got round to calibrating it straight away and forgot about it. I finally sent it away to assetsolutions for calibration and it’s now in its maiden brew. Everything’s working fine in the brew fridge in the garage. Only problem is...
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    3 C’s ratio help.

    Sounds good! To be honest I wasn’t going to waste 300g of hops but I knew in my head equal amounts wasn’t right. I just needed a ballpark ratio figure to get started. I might just scale it up a touch…I do it like hoppy.
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    3 C’s ratio help.

    Hi everyone and HNY. Due to time constraints I’m pimping two Wilko cans and 500g of light DME. I was going to dry hop 100g each of Citra and Mosiac, I’ve done this a few times and generally comes out quite well. But I’ve got some Cascade and Centennial in stock and am thinking of a 3C IPA...
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    Secret Santa Review Thread 2021!

    I’ve been dreading my second bottle getting tasted after @Leon103 reviewed his and it didn’t go too well. Two very different opinions, I’m not sure what’s happened I’ve certainly not had any other rouge bottles. But thanks for your great views. This was my first AG after getting a Brewzilla...
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    Secret Santa Review Thread 2021!

    Merry Christmas brewers. 🎄 SS bottle#1 was a Simcoe and Cascade APA. This hit the spot nicely, lovely aroma, from first sip to last drop this satisfied me immensely. I can’t wait to try this myself thanks to the brew sheet being sent along. I just need to convert from BIAB to my Brewzilla...
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    Secret Santa Review Thread 2021!

    I had my SS#2 today, a Sloe Stout. I’ve never been a stout drinker but managed more of this than ever before. The sloe taste came through subtlety, and maybe sweetened the stout just a touch. But as I’ve said stouts are not for me but this was the best I’ve tasted. Thank you Secret Santa.
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    Brewzilla whirlpool arm and transfer to fermentor

    Mark another up for the tap and sieve method. Luckily all my brews so far have been pretty clear.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I’ve had a bit of QCing on my CML Landlord recipe and it’ll do nicely, hopefully in a few more weeks/month it’ll be fantastic. Meanwhile I’m revisiting this……better than I remember.
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    Secret Santa 2021

    Got home to this today. can’t wait to try it. Thanks mystery sender.
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    Secret Santa 2021

    My brew sheet nearly went in the recycling along with the box.
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    Secret Santa 2021

    I received my first present today along with the brew sheet so I can have a go afterwards It’s in the garage now getting ready for Christmas. Cheers Secret Santa. 🍻
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    Secret Santa 2021

    It’s great seeing all these different beers popping up. I think I must of been a naughty brewer this year, or the posties having a little drink on me. Fingers crossed something turns up tomorrow.
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    Water profiles/salts for IPA

    Hi Blinky, I’m at Dalkeith. We both use Rosebery A. I was worried when I first started I read horror stories about water and used Ashbeck instead. But thankfully I was informed on here that our water was pretty good so started using tap water again. But having only boarded the AG train I’m still...
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    F1 shambles

    Had this farce happened mid season hardly anyone would saying anything. But, to settle a world championship with a one lap sprint is all sorts of wrong. I’m a Maclaren fan and in no way bitter, I do though feel short changed. I hope Mercedes drop their protests and concentrate on what looks to...