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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    I had one a few weeks ago and felt totally underwhelmed. I too thought it wasn’t quite finished.
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    RAFFLE #18 Grainfather Advanced Brewery Set Up

    It’s worth another go don’t you think. I’m in again. 🤞🏻
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    New Fridge Fermentation Setup

    Hi Bill. After looking at your photos I’m keen on finding out what you think of the Plaato. I have been close to buying one a couple of times but some reviews aren’t complimentary. Is it worth buying?
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    I’m be been FTTP ever since we moved to our house five years ago. At no point has BT allowed me to ditch my landline. We currently have no phone connected to the socket as we use our mobiles for calls. I did ask if it was pa possibility but the salesperson said we needed a landline for our fibre.
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    Bottle NEIPA after 9days?

    Just curious but what were the ingredients.
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    I work next to Edinburgh’s ambulance depot and today they came around offering the Pfizer jab to anyone who had their first jab more than three weeks ago, they had an excess and rather than waste them they got people in. Unfortunately they’re unable to do first jabs so I and many others will...
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Yeast on lid after Krausen.

    What does everyone do to the yeast that gets left on the lid during Krausen? In the past I’ve scooped it off the lid with a clean utensil and put it back in the wort. I’ve also just left it. Is there a right thing to do?
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    Hello from Bicester

    Hi there. I spent my first 27 years living in Bicester. I don’t get back much but it’s amazing to see how much it’s changed.
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    pimping a kit to make a NEIPA

    I tried a bottle today and it’s lovely, her indoors tried it and I had to wrestle the glass of her. It’s still not conditioned properly but I’m delighted how it’s turned out. One thing, because I used leaves will the hop taste disappear quicker than if I used pellets.
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Final gravity readings Razorback IPA and Young's American IPA, I'm a bit puzzled

    Excuse my naïveté but is it ok it stir to kick start beers? I’m generally bottling after about two weeks. The FG is close but not what I would expect. Finally do you just stir the beer or get the wort as well? This could enhance my brews no end.