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    Co2 Stirling Area

    Hi All I got a refill from Russel's of Larbert about 4 weeks ago and it was only £17. Hopethis helps. Regards Patch
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    3 Guage regulator

    Hi All Anyone got a 3 Guage Regulator (regulates 2 kegs) spare that they want to sell on. Give me a shout. Regards Patch
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    Which movie(s) have you watched recently?

    The Invisible man. Onlything is I never saw him. HA HA HA
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    Forum T-shirt 5 must be as I have 4 I think

    Hi there I'd take one as well Regards
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    Wanted Corny Kegs

    Hi there Thanks for all the replys. I have obtained the cornies now. Regards Patch
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    Wanted Corny Kegs

    Hi All Looking for a couple of decent used Corny Kegs. Would require shipping to Edinburgh area. Pm me with any decent offers. Regards Patch
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

    Hi there. I think you'll find that name is actually spelt Neville
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Russell Gas - CO2 supplier in East of Scotland

    Hi All I use the Larbert Branch and they are excellent. I was lucky I had two empty cylinders so only have to pay for the gas. I think its about £16/£17 per refill. Regards Patch
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    ****Fermentasaurus Mega Giveaway****

    Hi there Please count me in for the Snub Nose. Regards Patch
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    Giveaway-Lerway Fermentation Heating Pad

    STC1000 controller requires an upgrade!
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    Ball Lock Post Query

    Hi there Ive got 11 corny kegs and none of them have double O rings on the posts. In fact Ive never seen a fitting like that before. Not much help Im afraid. Regards Patch
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    For Sale - 3 Way Gas Management Board

    Hi there Is the Gas Management board still up for grabs Regards Patch