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    Morning all, I've got my beer fully fermented and hops been in coming up to 3 days. I've got my keg (Corney) and regulator but have no gas 🙈🙈. With the current climate I'm not looking at getting it till next week. My question is if I batch prime my beer and pop it into the Corney will it cause...
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    Youngs American IPA

    So I did my second kit brew today, it's now bubbling away in my fermenting fridge. So far so good, my gravity was @1.052. Done to 23L. Going to be keeping an eye on this for the next 24hrs in the hope it stays in the bucket
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    Crown caps on twist off bottles

    I'm looking to re use glass bottles. I've got a mate with a load of Budweiser bottles that had the twist off lids. Are we able to re use these with standard crown caps?
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    Fermenting fridge heat source

    Hi all, As the title suggests what are you all using and why? I've ordered my inkbird but can't decide whether to go for a heating tube or a heating mat. All advice welcome and wanted
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    First Brew advice

    Cheers for the link, I'll be using that going forward, big learning curve but enjoying it so far
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    First Brew advice

    I used as the instructions said, one tea spoon per 500ml bottle, I bottled half the batch and put the rest in a barrel, I'll try that with these bottles. It's also very thin, but like I said I'm very happy with the flavours
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    First Brew advice

    I bottle my brew two weeks ago and kept it at around 20degrees. Popped a few bottles in the fridge last night. I've opened one to test now and its very carbonated, to the point of being like a fizzy soft drink. Does this calm down over time? I'm fairly impressed with the taste but not keen on...
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    First Brew advice

    Thanks for the feedback
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    First Brew advice

    So it's been 7 days fermenting, I've just added the hopps as per the instructions, nice smell but if like some feedback on the way it's looking if I could. I'll add a photo below. Look forward to your comments
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    First Brew advice

    Cheers for the advice
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    First Brew advice

    cheers I'll keep my progress posted
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    First Brew advice

    Would syrup or treacle be worth a shot? Guessing it might be better to keep it simple to start with
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    First Brew advice

    So I've got the bits today to start my first Brew tomorrow So I've got the MYO Irish Stout kit 1kg of dextrose and 500g of medium malt. Should I use all the sugar and malt together Or 500g of sugar and 500g of the malt? Cheers
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    Thanks for the replies and links, bed time reading sorted for tonight