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    Golden Ale Recipe or Similar?

    \this is a great golden ale. I don't buy it as an all grain kit just use the recipe with a better yeast. I brew it at least 3 times a year. https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/dennis-kings-galaxy-delight/
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    An interesting but versatile malt? 25kg bag

    The last 3 sacks I bought were Simpsons MO does cost a bit more the the depth of flavour I find worth it.
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    If you were to start over from scratch, what would you....

    As I started in the 1970s if I had started with kits so I probably would not have got past a few brews without giving up. I did 2 extract brews then onto AG. I would say start with extract where you need just a few basic bits of equipment that you can carry over to AG. I have a library of over...
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    Lower value imported goods now 20% more expensive (including Aliexpress) - an early bite of Brexit

    There is according to the Collins dictionary. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/dickhead
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    Equipment recommendations

    Water authority reports are fairly generic so the actual figures they give may not represent what you are getting out of your tap. For around £25 Phoenix Analytical will give you an accurate test. I do this once a year then test the alkalinity and calcium before each brew with salifert tests.
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    Good Ridance to 45 welcome to Biden

    I, for one, am just glad a person who's state of mind has seemed questionable has no longer got access to the nuclear button. Good luck to the new man he could not be worse, could he?
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    Looking for a book on the history and development of beer styles

    Ron Pattinson has written lots of books mainly concentration on individual styles. Very knowledgeable, he gave a talk at one of the brewing festivals and stayed drinking until about 2 in the morning. He does a daily blog and there is a lot of information, and recipes, on there. Shut up about...
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    I wish they would stop making over optimistic promises/forecasts such as we were going to have a Christmas or we will have a world beating track and trace to name a couple.
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    I've had two tests one administered by a nurse and one at home. The nurse one was far easier and more comfortable.
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    Brew UK Delivery

    I would have drawn a picture of a pint.
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    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Totally agree. Another example was the maltmiller in the first lockdown. They limited the orders with malt because of the time it takes to mill the grain . This ment they kept most orders being completed and didn't let customers down. By following their instructions all my orders, including...
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    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    I try to only use suppliers that use DPD. Just about the only delivery company I have never had a problem with and when they give you a delivery time it is always kept.
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    O my God

    You needed one of these to open, or hammer and nail
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    O my God

    This retched stuff has been around for a while now. As usual the daily fail is well behind the times. As an old fart I had the misfortune to drink this stuff in my youth. If anyone does have a recipe please keep it to yourself.
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    Have THBC stopping delivering to UK?

    Lets hope that eventually changes, after the maltmiller they are the only other company I use.