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    British app for home brewing

    Coincidentally - I've just emailed them about this exact thing. I did not know it may be already in the pipeline.
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    Problems I faced with my first AG brew:

    As someone already said, you are your harshest critic. After a few brews (and I only have a handful) you will realise you can make small errors and still make good beer. Cooling: don’t waste your cool-blocks from the start. I put my pot (albeit a 16litre one) in the sink with just tap water a...
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    What causes gushers?

    I made a porter recently. Half were standard recipe, the other half I added a cold brew coffee solution. I just chucked the coffee solution in the FV for a few days. These are the gushers, which leads me to believe that I introduced “something” that is causing the gushers. As long as I serve...
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    Spent grain, compost bin and mice

    Eggsactly this. Super easy to find a chicken owner, and if they’re nice you will get some œufs in return.
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    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    I've been remiss and forgot to post my previous brew, so I now give you... AG#6 - Oxfordshire E.S.B. Based on a recipe posted in a pic by Cheeky Peaks Homebrew Modified for a 10 litre batch and a couple of small substitutions. Oxfordshire E.S.B. Style: Strong Bitter ABV: 6.0% OG: 1.062 FG...
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    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    AG#5 - Pelforth Clone - Update Because of my previous propensity for over-carbing, I purposely went a bit light on the priming sugar. I've opened a couple of bottles and they're a bit undercarbed, yet a bit sweet. (I'm not actually sure what a saison should taste like) I wrote a bit about...
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    Buffalo urn / boiler mods

    Update: I moved the metal probe to outside the urn (so no chance of it overheating) and had the dial up to max. It still doesn't get up to a boil. 96-97 is the highest it will get after over an hour. As far as I can tell it doesn't cut out from the thermal cut out (in any case I changed it...
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    Split brew days

    Morning. Looking to do BIAB all grain over a couple of evenings. Has anyone done a mash on one day, then boil on another day? I know some people reduce to 30 min mash and boils. May incorporate this too. I've left to cool overnight in the past, but not split the hot jobs. Cheers.
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    How to add extra sugar to undercarbed beers

    Yeah. This was me. In the sink. Sugar in one hand and a capper in the other hand.
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    How to add extra sugar to undercarbed beers

    So, I have an under carbed saison. I had planned to add a bit more sugar, reseal, Bob's your uncle. I'm sure many of you will nod sagely and chuckle under your breath . . . . I've just found out that if you add sugar to partly conditioned beer . . . . it gushes everywhere. So, question to...
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    Saison carbing?

    Sorry to jump on your thread, but I'm after pointers for one of my latest brews, and the title is spot on. I've tend to over carb my beers even though I try to stick to the correct calcs. I purposely lowered the priming sugar in a porter I made and it's still pretty highly carbed. I primed at...
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    Over carbed

    This might work for you:
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    10 litres - Oxfordshire ESB Total 15,213 litres
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    Pot, kettle, tap?

    I cut a 21mm hole with a QMax and it was perfect for 1/2" nipple / tap combo.
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    Mods to a 40L Buffalo boiler

    My hole was already round, but 3/8" I think. Either way, I cut it out with a Q-Max to fit 1/2" BSP fittings which I got from Pipe Dream Fittings (I have no association with the company). After having done some research, as I found the measurements can be a bit confusing.... it is the P in BSP...