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    Fridge Dimensions for Kegerator?

    Hotpoint Iced Diamond RLAV21
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    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    I know some of you liken Abbot to macro lagers, and that's fair enough. As a former macro lager drinker, I actually quite like Abbot. Maybe it's like a stepping stone beer to real beer. Anyway, I thought I'd try the Abbot Reserve. It's even better than the standard Abbot. Rich and fruity...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    The first tonight is a Sorachi Ace Saison. A bottle swap with @jceg316 Pretty sure I've had one of these from another forum member and this is very similar. No disrespect intended, just saying it seems to be right for the style. I'll stop digging now. Anyway, it's lovely and refreshing.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    Shared these with the neighbours last night. Very nice. The Piraat at 10% was my fave.
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    First all grain brew guidance please.

    My biggest piece of advice: don't wait until the afternoon to start. With all the best will in the world, it will take in excess of 5 hours. I think my first AG was 7. I started with a BIAB, 16L pot and ended up with batches of 8-10 litres. You're not going to be able to do 23L in a 15L pot...
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    It's taken you nearly four years since joining to get your brew on? ;)
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2022.

    18 litres Gales Festival Mild from GW BYOBRA (plus @CaptAwol 's 240 litres) (@CaptAwol - you're supposed to keep the total running) 3886 +240 +18 ----- 4144
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    UKSkydiver's Brewdays

    It's been far too long again..... my latest brew is from the Graham Wheeler BYOBRA book. AG#23 Gales Festival Mild Dark Mild All Grain No sparge 70% efficiency Batch Volume: 18 L Boil Time: 45 min Mash Water: 22.89 L Total Water: 22.89 L Boil Volume: 20.63 L Pre-Boil Gravity: 1038 12ml CRS and...
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    Yeast starter: viability/vitality

    It's still a bit murky, but there are signs of CO2. I suspect my expectations did not match reality and I should have started this off a couple of days earlier. With any luck I get to use this yeast though. Cheers
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    Yeast starter: viability/vitality

    Thanks Matt I thought, based on the previous ferment, that this was only going to need a bit of a nudge to wake it up. I will leave it on the stir plate for another half day and see if there are any signs. If not, I'll pitch a dry yeast from stock. I really wanted to reuse this yeast...
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    Yeast starter: viability/vitality

    Hey all. I have some CML Hog Norsk top crop. It was cropped Dec 2021. When I did the original brew it was a really healthy ferment, producing loads of yeast. Yesterday I thought I'd make a 1200ml starter with 3-4 (or 5 I didn't count) good heaped teaspoons full of the harvested yeast to kick...
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    Help needed with a very mild mild.

    @Eskimo John I am I interested to know how you got on with this please. Thank you.
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    PilgrimHudds Brewdays

    Hey What (style) was this in the end? I'm thinking of using some cropped Hog Norsk I have in a mild. Other than the fact that yours was 1070 (😲), it looks a bit like a mild (in terms of ingredients). How did this turn out? Cheers
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    Mild Recipe

    Just perusing the mild chatter....... How did this one turn out? Cheers
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    BIAB KIT Advice request

    I had a 40L Buffalo (CC193) and even though I changed what could be changed and byassed what could be bypassed, it still wasn't able to generate a boil, rolling or other wise. So I got rid and now I have a Brewzilla. Would have been great though.