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    Back in the game...

    After a prolonged absence from brewing I am now back at it! Fermenter is just finishing with a tweaked Wilko's kit (Hoppy Copper Bitter) and I'm setting up for an AG saison brew day tomorrow ashock1
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    Lowicz Syrup Raspberry for Raspberry Wheat Beer

    I think I will give that a test run with a couple of bottles of Lowicz and a Wheat kit. I'll report back on results in due course... :beer1:
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    Sweet Turbo Cider Recipes Please?

    I've done this without sweetener, and it was just fruity enough that it didn't need any sweetener (for me). I did 3 smaller batches though - one Strawberry, one Cherry, one Raspberry (Lidl had Lowicz on offer - they've got it in at the moment as well...) :cheers3:
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    New word game - 5 letter.

    State ..............
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    New word game - 5 letter.

    Relay ........................................
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    SWMBO picked up one of these in Morrison's for me the other day, so I went back and hoovered up the last few on their shelf...
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    What did you brew today?

    Not sure if I'm being too heavy handed in the boil? I'm always more worried about it not boiling so would rather suffer the extra loss. If I could just tweak the temp down by 1-2 degrees it might hit the sweet spot, but the thermostat on the Cygnet doesn't seem to be that sensitive...
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    Simple Maths - AA% Calculations

    Thanks all - it sounded right according to the voices in my head, but they can't always be trusted! :nono:
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    Simple Maths - AA% Calculations

    According to my schoolboy maths, if a recipe calls for a specific weight of hops at a specified AA%, then if the hops available are at a lower AA% then you simply multiply to make up the difference. Eg - the recipe I brewed yesterday called for 32g of hops at 4.5%AA; mine were rated at 3.0%AA...
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    What did you brew today?

    I also had the day off yesterday (:thumb:) and, despite a late start, brewed up Greg Hughes' Dunkelweizen. The sample jar tasted brilliant (not too hoppy) but my OG was 1.066 (instead of the planned 1.056). I think my Cygnet manages to boil off at a much higher rate than 'normal'. Never mind...
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    Have you even woken up to this?

    Not as violent, but I did have a WOW that got a bit out of hand. I happened to be in the US and my wife was sending me photos of it spewing out all over the utility room... She was in the 'Not Amused' category for a few days :oops:
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    Sweet Turbo Cider Recipes Please?

    Having got the Cherry TC bottled, I started off a Raspberry TC on Monday and have just nipped to Lidl, bought a bottle of strawberry Lowicz and some AJ and set that off. Must remember to do a stock-take on empty bottles :hmm:
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    What shall I do with this Bomb?

    You could try cooling it right down and then taking the top off with the body of the jar submerged in a bucket? Not sure how successful that would be (the lid would probably be fairly tight...) and how much protection a bucket of water would give you if it did go off! Maybe a bucket of sand...
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    Post Your Favourite Beer Glass Here

    Where did you last have it?:doh:
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    Generally get through a couple of pints of coffee at work each day, but start the day with a mug of strong tea which I make for my youngest (11) and I. I like it to brew for at least 5 minutes. He prefers to leave the teabag in the mug throughout so it gets stronger towards the bottom of the...