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    D'oh! I was thinking 'Karahi', not kari/kaari
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    Thought 'kari' was the metal wok-like pan it was cooked in?
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    Covid-19 the second wave.

    My youngest dog eats every single tube from the bog roll she can get her paws on. You can't have a dump in peace, especially if you're getting near the end of the roll...
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    hello from Somerset

    Welcome! Just up the road from you - near Langport...
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    We used to camp at Woodyhyde, and walk up over the hill, past the quarry.. Long old slog, but certainly gave us an appetite for a pint(or six) and a pasty! Happy daze indeed!!!
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    I remember wearing one at West Bay, and an odd-ball type chap came up and asked which lodge I belonged to. He was most upset when I told him that it was just a pub that I liked to visit!
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    Wouldn't have a clue (or the inclination) how to... ... It's dark blue with the pub name and the S & C (Masons) logo in white on the l/h tit!
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    Fantastic pub.! Odd to hear it mentioned, as I'm wearing one of their T-shirts as I type!
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

    Shite !
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    cider brew with OG of 1.032 - advice please

    Depends on how long from pressing to taking a reading. Chances are that the sample that you kept back has probably started fermenting on its' own, thus reducing the gravity...
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    Sloe Berries

    Dried are pretty good. Immerse them in just enough warm water to cover them overnight. Most of the water will be absorbed, so just use the whole lot, the water will be minimal, and have lots of flavour...
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    One for the Capri owners.

    Mate of mine used to love them. Back in the late eighties, he went from a Lotus Capri, to a Tickford, then a 2.8i. I have fond memories of him pulling away from traffic lights at a T-junction in the wet, and promptly stuffing it into the window of Dorothy Perkins...
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    So who's growing chillies 2020?

    My favourite "all-round" chilli! Drying, freezing, pickling, and smoking are all good ways of preserving the fruits of your labours...
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)