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    2L / Half gallon demijohns

    Half size demi-johns are as rare as hens teeth these days. I still have a couple, that must be 50+ years old. Brown ones are also getting really hard to find now...
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    Custom made hand pull & fridge - free (collection only)

    My sincere condolences. What a truly lovely gesture. I hope a member here takes up your generous offer, and makes good use of it...
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    Britons cut meat-eating by 17% [Poll]

    Pretty much the same. I used to be a QA manager in a meat processing plant - still have some contacts there! Had a cracking rib-eye a couple of nights ago... A friend dropped round a couple of kilos of venison yesterday too, but it's frozen, so I guess I'll have to eat it all in one sitting!
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    Britons cut meat-eating by 17% [Poll]

    Once a carnivore...
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    Possible Scam Alert

    Thanks for that. The whole thing stinks of scam, hence my post here... Absolutely no way was I going to get into any sort of transaction with them!
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    Possible Scam Alert

    One was Greater London (02038), todays was a mobile (07387 ******), but I think they're linked...
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    Possible Scam Alert

    I have discussed this issue with admin, and they have agreed to allow me to post this. This is really aimed at other Homebrew Shop owners and retailers. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had phone calls asking us to supply various items of expensive equipment. The first caller was asking...
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    Car sales.

    Totally with you on that. When I pointed them out to the wife, she was astounded at how many of these wanna-be 4x4's there are on the road. Around here, it's pretty much every other car...
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    Equipment Wanted Sodastream cylinders wanted

    Haven't found them yet. I know that there are some, just can't remember where I saw them! I'll let you know when I find them...
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    Facebook / WhatsApp / Instagram Down

    Oh dear. What a shame.
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    Equipment Wanted Sodastream cylinders wanted

    May have some at work - I'll have a look tomorrow...
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    Watch this space!
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    Made some leek wine about 4 years ago. I had a glut of leeks, and was regularly taking them in to work for anyone that wanted them. My boss said "Why don't you make some wine with them?" So, I did! I've got 2 Dj's full of it. Looks really nice - deep golden colour, and perfectly clear. It...
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    Panic Buying

    That would work really well with my bike (that I use for essential work daily). 14.5l tank - about £22 to fill it. What do I do with the rest - just flush it down the drain?
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    Lager, NOT larger!

    What is a "meme"? Seriously, I haven't got a clue - I've heard of them, but never had a definitive answer.