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    March comp - freestyle

    Apologies for the delay. Fantastic panel of beers and a pleasure to judge once again. 1st placejceg316 Goatmeal stout 2nd placeAcbev victorian ipa 3rd place IainM coconut ipa Only 6pts in the top 3 and 11 in the field of 5. Thanks again for entering will pm out feedback before Monday.
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    A few more novice questions after bottling my 3rd batch

    https://www.thehomebrewforum.co.uk/threads/how-i-do-bottling-day.62200/ may be some use for you. For my priming solution I weigh my brewing sugar in a jug and pour 250-300ml of boiling water and stir until dissolved. I then pour this into my bottling bucket and siphon on top of this. Since...
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    Worst brewing mistake.

    Also guilty of the arm in brew when my peco tap blocked...realised the 2nd time I could just tip it (particularly as I filter through a sieve enroute to the FV). Had to ditch both my:- trashy blonde clone due to an infection, I assume caused mostly by thinking "I cleaned/sanitised the fv when...
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    March comp - freestyle

    You're welcome to, will take a score penalty as (I think) outlined in the rules. But happy to review and feedback on it.
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    March comp - freestyle

    Probably the week of the 9th, all quite strong so may split them into two sitting, or find a guest judge and share....
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    March comp - freestyle

    Mick - yes haven't moved.
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    March comp - freestyle

    Any more entries I should be looking out for? So far have Dads_Ale and ACBEV
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    March comp - freestyle

    All sound good guys!
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    March comp - freestyle

    It's rolled around to my next judging effort, sorry I've not added more to the forum in between. March is to be a freestyle month so looking forward to the entries that weren't quite ready and somethings a little bit different. Pm for address and good luck.
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    Going to be brewing less in 2018

    All the best for the recovery.
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    Life after PECO ?

    Was very happy with my peco and enjoyed making beer i really enjoyed with "budget" equipment. Unfortunately I burnt a wheat beer onto the element and upgraded to a 40l buffalo (and upgraded the tap). I like the concealed element and the 3 brews to date have gone pretty well.
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    Boiling Kettel size

    https://www.nisbets.co.uk/buffalo-manual-fill-water-boiler/gl349 I upgraded to one of these at the end of August when my peco burnt my wiessbier.... A couple of diy tweaks to replace the tap and bypass the thermal cut off are advised (and very easy). Other tea urns work well and may require...
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    Pressure Barrel to Growler

    You could fill a growler/mini keg (or multiples) when you fill the pb.
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    Best Young's American kit?

    I have had abut a 60% succes rate with my pressure barrels, down to a loose valve and over/under tightening the cap. Currently bottles only for me...
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    Best Young's American kit?

    Ipa>aaa>apa for me. Currently rebrewing the youngs American mocha porter if you want a curve ball... Depending on my mood the ipa and amp swap as my favourite youngs kits.