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    Anyone made a home made kegerator?

    Another option is a keezer, same idea but with a chest freezer. Bonus of this is you just remove the lid and make a wood collar which you drill all the holes for taps, CO2 and temp probe. I spray painted mine black and have my CO2 cylinder hidden under a shelf and secondary regulators attached...
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    Morrisons Rip Off

    Cant really moan about how supermarkets treat their supplier/customers/staff yet buy beer from them. Bet there is a small independent booze shop close enough to use its just that they are a little bit more expensive and not quite as convenient. The problem is it costs them a little bit more to...
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    Baltic Porter

    Attached the recipe I made, it was based off one I found online and first attempt at a baltic porter. I used a lager yeast and fermented at lager temps. It needed a huge starter but I didnt quite hit my OG so was a bit lower ABV in the end. I left at 6C for 6 weeks after kegging it but it...
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    How many kegs do you own

    Ive got 10 x 19L cornies and 1 x 5L dark farm keg. I like dark beers and the improvement with conditioning makes a massive difference. Other than the occasional sample I dont drink them before at least 6 months so need to have a good stock aging. I do eventually bottle them from the keg to free...
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    I it generally cheaper

    The more I drink the closer I get to making a saving!
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    I it generally cheaper

    My brew setup has cost about £3k + 10 kegs at £50ea + keezer build at about £300 + fermenters and fridges about £400 + all the other bits and pieces about £400. Im almost breaking even now (thats what I tell my wife)...
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    Can I bottle half my brew now and half later?

    Remember to keep them in the dark if using clear plastic bottles.
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    Gas for Corny Keg.....Stupid idea?????

    A lot of people use non food grade CO2 but I wouldnt take the risk. The Co2 put into the bottles is the same gas but there are far less controls over the filling of the cylinders so you could have many different contaminants in it. I had a quick look on Hobby weld website, there is a supplier...
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    February 2021 comp - Dark beers

    Thanks for all the entries!!! this is going to be a big one Good few more arrived last couple of days. This is definitely going to be spread out a bit... as in my original post judging is supposed to be next weekend, Im going to do a few throughout the week and will probably not manage all by...
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    Just say "no" to yeast rinsing (a.k.a. yeast washing in amatuer brewer terms)

    I imagine both ways work well and any difference would not be noticeable on a homebrew scale. Anyone testing the two methods would need to use wort from the same batch and ferment under the same conditions, then a difference may be detectable. When I use liquid yeasts I use a stir plate as this...
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    5ltr growler kegs

    Ye, these would work fine. You will need a regulator and tap for each one. If you are brewing regularly then worth getting a large CO2 cylinder and a sodastream refill adapter as refills are expensive for sodastream. The sodastream regulator I have can convert to take the mini bulbs which...
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    ABV too low, can i raise after fermenting

    Is this a kit? Did you follow the instructions exactly? If so then it is likely that the OG measurement you took was wrong, probably not mixed fully before you took a sample. If the amount of sugar and water added was correct then the OG should have been within a couple of points of the expected...
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    February 2021 comp - Dark beers

    Few more arrived now, updated list below: Smoke&Barley Brewing - Black IPA SouthDowns - Chocolate cherry stout Hazelwood Brewery - Doppelbock, Plum Porter Clyne - Peat Smoked porter Broken Toe - Oat Kviek stout and American Brown Dalecet - Winter stout JFB - Barleywine 12.8%! NPi - black...
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    February 2021 comp - Dark beers

    Another 2 to add to the list: Broken Toe - Oat Kviek stout and American Brown Dalecet - Winter stout JFB - Barleywine 12.8%! NPi - black heffevisen, Swartzbeir Hmmmnz - Imperial Oyster stout, Swarzbeir black lager MrHandsome - RIS RichardM - Belgian Dubbel USskydiver - Czech Dark lager...
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    Beer gas or CO2

    Ye, doesnt show on their website but the ones I get definitely are food grade, just make sure to request food grade when buying them, hopefully your local one will stock it or at least will get it in for you. I actually have 2 now as I have one plumbed into to keezer and one upside down in the...