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    Co2 Regulator Hose

    SodaStream Connection Hose (DIN 477 - UK / Europe) -think it was this one.
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    Co2 Regulator Hose

    I have a braided hose to connect my sodastream directly to a CO2 cylinder. Think it is 2300psi rated
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    Air pressure gauge - stupidity 101!

    If you post a couple of pics it might be easier to see what the issue is, likely it is easily fixed
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    Air pressure gauge - stupidity 101!

    So your regulator is showing 10psi when the quick connect is removed from the keg? If so you will still have pressure inside the liner from the regulator to the disconnect as the disconnect closes when removed. If you back off the regulator and pull the bleed ring it will drop back to 0, or if...
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    Home tap water analysis

    Another vote for Neil from phoenix analytical
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    Ss brewtech unitank

    The F80 looks like a fantastic piece of kit, only issue is the cost of the actual unit is at least doubled once you get all the accessories as well - glycol chiller, hop drop kit, sample coil, heater, all the extra fittings, sight glasses etc. I bought a B80 last year, slowly added all the...
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    Scottish National Homebrew competition 2022

    Who else here has entered? I have 2 entries in the post today - "The Beast from the Yeast" wee heavy and "Totally Tortie" - American IPA. The wee heavy I am fairly pleased with, I entered V3 of this, V4 is in the conditioning fridge but only about 2 months old. It usually needs about 6-12...
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    Ss brewtech unitank

    I plan to buy the Brewtools F80 unitank when its back in stock... unless I win best in show at Scottish National Homebrew comp which first prize is a 7gal SS brewtech Unitank! 🤞🤞 entries in the post today
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    Another bloomin keg thread

    Not sure how long... 1 week definitely no problem, you could probably have it over a month without issue. If you were worried about it you can just pour 100ml or so and pour it down the sink. I have 12 kegs and 4 taps. I have a sodastream regulator (and sodastream refill adapter for the...
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    Getting started with kegs

    I thought I was done when I had 10 x 19L cornies and 1 x 5L mini.... Bought another 5L and 2 x cornies as I definitely needed more!
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    CO2 prices in your areas?

    I am still £35 with hobbyweld. Although it is a lot more than others are paying, I dont really care... I am not careful to conserve my CO2 and one cylinder still lasts me about a year. If I could get one for £20 I would be saving about £1 /month, not going to stress over that
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    Move to kegging advice

    Just buy a few meters of 3/16" beer line and coil it up. I used flow control when I started with kegs and found that balancing lines was soo much better so I ended up swapping out the taps for non flow control ones.
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    Rowan Berries for Bittering - How?

    I read about using rowan berries for bittering too so interested to hear the results.
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    Corny Keg Carbing Help

    It is a good regulator that one so I would be surprised if its broken, but Im not sure what else could be the issue. Just had another thought but do you know if the CO2 cylinder has a dip tube? If it does then it will be drawing up liquid CO2 from the bottom which maybe causing issues at the...
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    Corny Keg Carbing Help

    Nope, you should be leaving it set. Im not sure what is wrong here as even if there is a leak it should continue to show 13psi. Try removing the CO2 disconnect from the keg and leaving the pressure set to 13psi, see if any change overnight. This would mean only the line between the regulator...