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  1. Lesinge

    Coopers, Australian Pale Ale Review

    Both madjules and I have been all grain brewing for a long time but we both loved this kit as a base for dry hopping. It was a great kit to test different hop flavours in. Lovely carbonation and mouth feel too I remember.
  2. Lesinge

    The Homebrew Twang experiment.

    Just my observation. I have been doing only all grain for a few years and never had a “twang” like I sometimes got in Kits. Same water profile everything, yet my AG beer is drinkable almost as soon as it is bottled..well within a couple of days. A few weeks ago my uncle gave me a kit from the...
  3. Lesinge

    David Heath Called out ?

    I will cut to the chase here. In my opinion David you give good info to people thinking of and doing brewing as a hobby, that is a great thing. The same goes for the person calling you out whose videos I have also watched. I don’t care what system you use, I started with a homemade hybrid...
  4. Lesinge

    Dry yeast review...

    I am using CML American for the first time on five beers with different base malts to see what each brings (MO, Belgium pale, Vienna, Lager and Munich) so will be interested in how it performs. My favourite for hard compacted yeast cake has got to be Danestar that just packs it...
  5. Lesinge

    "Down Under" Hop & Hop Combos

    I have hit upon a great combo, Southern Cross for bittering and then Galaxy as the 10 and 5 minute addition...cracking beer. I have done various combo such as Wai-it’s and Motueka but they didn’t really stand out as much as the SC and G mix.
  6. Lesinge

    Using Pineapple in a IPA ?

    The only thing I can add is that in South Africa they make Pineapple beer which is made by just chucking in pineapple skins , water, sugar and some yeast - I understand that in some cases people don't add yeast as the natural yeasts present on the pineapple will start the fermentation. I made...
  7. Lesinge

    First brew with home grown hops

    a few years ago my wife bought me three First Gold dwarf hop plants for my birthday and as with everything else gardening wise I neglected them for a couple of years and then put them in an area of my garden called “Honey’s Garden” and forgot about them. This year my wife noticed that they were...
  8. Lesinge

    First AG is go... :)

    What temp did you "steep" at?
  9. Lesinge

    Brewery Tours and Visits

    I went to one in Hertfordshire somewhere which did the same. The young girl pouring the 3rds was more than generous...I had popped in to have a look and my wife had to come and find me only to discover that I had necked nearly three pints in about 20 mins..
  10. Lesinge

    Brewery Tours and Visits

    I also went to the Wadsworth one which was great as it was a tower brewery and went to the Hook Norton but didn’t do the tour. The “tit” on the tour was me this time at the Elgoods Brew, Tour Guide “what is the main ingredient in beer” Me: “barley” ...over 160 brews and forgot that water is the...
  11. Lesinge

    Brewery Tours and Visits

    Not sure if this is the best place for this but I thought it might be worth noting what Breweries you have visited and anything that you learnt from them. We have toured Adnams, Bateman's, Camden, St Peters and this week went to Elgoods. At Elgoods they had these Copper cooling "trays" which I...
  12. Lesinge

    Golden Jester

    158th Brew Golden Jester 22nd June 2018. 4kg of Maris Otter, 300g of Carapils and 200g of Red Rye Crystal Malt. Hops 15g Chinook at 15m, 10 of centennial and 10 of Jester at 15, the same at 5 and then 20g At hop stand. Pitched US05. Colour at pitch is darkish orange rather than the red I was...
  13. Lesinge

    Blue Giant

    BTW - the name Blue Giant comes from the stars that make up the Southern Cross!
  14. Lesinge

    Blue Giant

    159th Brew. 29/06/18. Blue Giant. 4kg Maris Otter and 300g of Carapils. 20g of Southern Cross at boil, 10g Southern Cross and 10g Belma at 15, same again at 5 and 20g of Belma at the hopstand. I may have mixed this up so we either have 20g mixed at 15 or 20g of Belma and the mixed bag at...
  15. Lesinge

    Dilly Dilly!!

    Yes you are right! The Marrillion song references the folk we can’t sue InBev-SAB-Miller-etc...maybe the English folk can sue them!
  16. Lesinge

    Dilly Dilly!!

    Love that song Dad of Jon! Always though that Marillion sounded like early Genesis who I also loved - great to hear it again - and yes he should Sue!!
  17. Lesinge

    Dilly Dilly!!

    Agreed! I think that drinking something like Bud light is just a waste of people's lives. just pretend you had one when you next go to the loo and you would have had the experience without the disappointment - Dilly Dilly.
  18. Lesinge

    New Grainfather user, what should I brew first?

    Good advice, although....I have found that just using MO etc with no Wheat or Carapils etc to help with head retention can sometimes mean that you get a no head problem except you might be tempted to think you are doing something wrong with the GF.
  19. Lesinge

    New Grainfather user, what should I brew first?

    What they said..Greg Hughes is good. Here is a with the equipment as if you are doing a brew but without doing a brew..I am an experienced brewer 158 brews and messed up my first couple of brews because I failed to do the basics of reading the instructions and more importantly, doing...
  20. Lesinge

    Dilly Dilly!!

    Just drink water FGS!!
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