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    mixed gas regulator no dials?

    Hi in haste just clicked buy on eBay and bought a mixed gas regulator after I then realised it doesn't have any guages as in pic, how does it work can set the correct psi? Thanks
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    mixed gas regulator wanted

    Hi all anyone got a mixed gas regulator there selling? Thanks Chris
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    what regulator for mixed gas setup?

    Sorry for the late reply folks, thanks for info so an argon/CO2 female thread regulator wouldn't work then? Its all gobbledygook to me do you have a link to one for me lol
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    what regulator for mixed gas setup?

    Hi all as tittle says what reg do I need, can I use a argon and co2 reg or is there a specific one I need, thanks
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    newbie stout gas question

    Thanks folks, looks like I need to carb with co2 then mix for pulling, will have to get another cylinder oh well lol
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    newbie stout gas question

    Anyone or have I posted to wrong section of forum?
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    newbie stout gas question

    Hi all, 1st post and 1st brew ever, As I always do when starting a new hobby, I don't do things by half, just got my 1st brew kit and looking to brew stouts and bitter mainly. I'm curently in the middle of a kegerater build just waiting on a tower to be delivered ;), I bought myself a...
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