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  1. the_quick


    Did beer using top cropped Lellemand Voss. Just added 1 tea spoon of this - I think that how much Kveik you suppose to use (under pitching). When I did beer using whole packet it has finished after 3 days at 30C. This time it took bit longer, 5 days -I think less yeast. But it took off really...
  2. the_quick

    Bulk hops.

    Hops arrived yesterday, thanks
  3. the_quick

    Recommended Hop Combinations

    Guys, could you have a look, thinking of a pale hoppy beer, would you combine any 2 of those (late addition hops) - Mosaic and Simcoe - do they go together well?
  4. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    on a positive note get er brewed still open and processing orders, do couriers still deliver?
  5. the_quick

    Busy times from home brew shops

    Just checked few home brew suppliers and they all seem to be very busy, very often saying order will be delayed by one day. Guessing lots of us isolation/social distancing or "working" from home. I will brew something very soon as keg is getting low on volume. Apart from brew shops, micro...
  6. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    i have packaged lots of beer from keg and put in boxes some kit beer I have done before. Will be taking this to work to help ale drinkers with closing of pubs - I work in school - we all have to come in on Monday. Breweries around me trying to move sales of their canned/bottled product and...
  7. the_quick

    Things to do whilst self - isolating

    Need to do some DIY, finally will have time to go fishing, until they ban that. Computer games. I don't think I will get bored.
  8. the_quick

    Your views on how the Tories have handled Coronavirus.

    Really interesting clip: The thing is, Boris already made mistakes, not preparing for it. I would say this is the biggest so far. Second mistake is not to order people of the streets, in lot of places people still acting like nothing is happening. Even Theresa May is criticising current...
  9. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    The teachers from next week will still be coming in, to take care of kids of the key workers. Schools are shut but teachers will have to provide distance learning.
  10. the_quick

    Help with first brew - Calculating the basics

    Tom, have you tried brewers friend or brew father - really easy to use. You just need to decided how much fermenting volume you want to have, with fermenter of 20L I guess no more than 18L of liquid
  11. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    My corner shop was closed today, no lights, doors shut , no sign of life. I don't think he just pop out to the loo. Hope he is not isolating and that he is fine. The point on life keep going as normal, life is not going to be normal. But lots of people really don't care and keep going to the...
  12. the_quick

    Fermentation Fridge - What make and model of fridges are you using?

    Paul if you want to save yourself bit of money go on Facebook marketplace, I have set up account just for that. Got my small fridge for £20 and same for small freezer (keezer). For the fridge if it a small one, look for one without freezing compartment. Make and model really don't make much...
  13. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    I think we will be lucky if only 100k dies. I think there might be more.
  14. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Today in Lidl: no fresh meat of any kind no tinned beans, tomatoes etc no rice or pasta no oats of course no toilet paper or tissues branded domestos gone, but plenty of own brand bleach no problem with cured meats, cheeses, milk, butter and so on. Regarding advice from PM, to not socialise -...
  15. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    The school might not get closed before Easter, but I recon there will be much less kids in them. Amount of kiddies with medical conditions that put them in the risk group is massive. Oh and there are lots of old gits still teaching, can see the staying awake. Regular teacher can get sick as...
  16. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    Thanks @Nicks90 , any chance you can keep popping on this thread and keep us updated. Hope you sail through it mildly - still wonder what is mild. Take care of yourself and the family
  17. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    BJ approach is not the spread of rate of infection, but to infect as quickly as possible - herd immunity. Isolation is delaying rate of infections. And delaying might to other things. Lots of people working on a treatment for it, manufacturers are producing more medical equipment - time is what...
  18. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    @the baron thanks for your post, I read half of it, but it is really hard to read, maybe add spaces between some lines? Anyway, yes you are right, each gov take a chance and they do what ever they think is best. What is strange here, is that most of the world is taking a different approach, even...
  19. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    There is no preventing measures for visitors in care homes and such, we already know that people without symptoms do spread it - I think is is the policy of the government to let it spread everywhere, as BJ said people will die. So maybe they decided, no point going against it. Let it go and we...
  20. the_quick

    The Coronavirus thread.

    As someone who works in a school I can see for and against when it comes to closing them. Kids do hug, shake hands, stay really close to each other, most of the schools around here are over capacity, so during breaks and lunch they do crowd together in tight spaces, especially when it rains. In...
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