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  1. MickDundee

    A bit of advice please

    Pretty much what I said at lunchtime on this thread:
  2. MickDundee

    Unusual ingredients

    I’ve not done anything as “out there” as some of the posts on this thread. I had an issue with my wheat kernels not going through my grain milk, so I lobbed in 750g of Shredded Wheat Bitesize to compensate for the loss of efficiency. That Belgian Wit was one of my favourite beers I’ve brewed!
  3. MickDundee


    I believe the Robobrew is pretty much the same unit (rebadged but perhaps very slight difference in features) as the Brewdevil, Hopcat, Beer Torrent, Klarstein and Brewmonk. I have a Brew Devil, which is the one “branded” by Angel Homebrew. They were selling off a batch of stock just after...
  4. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    Before I made my Vienna Lager I was reading a blog from a bloke who’d won comps with his, and he said that he ferments for 4 days at 10C then ramps up the temperature by a degree every 12hrs until he reaches 16, then holds for a week before lagering for a week, carbonating and bottle lagering...
  5. MickDundee

    Ian Dury And The Blockheads - What A Waste (1978)

    Enough of the “olds”! I’m 35 and love Ian Dury & The Blockheads!
  6. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    Hey big spender - we get the 55p loaves!
  7. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    I already mentioned some reasonably readily available German pilsners in my previous post - Flensburger, Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr. I’m not saying these are the epitome of lager but all very quaffable, about 100 times nicer than your 20 for a tenner cooking lager, and about the same price as...
  8. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    That only holds true if you are planning to make generic cooking lager though, which I can’t imagine many, of any, home brewers plan to do. You can get bottles of Banks bitter for 75p a bottle in Morrisons but nobody says they don’t see the point in brewing bitters - that’s because it’s shite...
  9. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    You’re comparing apples with oranges though. 20 bottles for a tenner is not good lager - it’s usually Carling, Fosters etc. Even the likes of Corona (my guilty pleasure) which are better quality you’d struggle to do better than a quid a bottle. You could make something of a similar strength for...
  10. MickDundee

    Grain to glass times

    Quickest I’ve done is 2 weeks for a Hefeweizen - 1 week ferment, one week carbonate. Otherwise I generally (at least) stick to the 2+2+2 rule.
  11. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    For a first attempt that looks spot on. Not that I’m an expert, I only brewed my second ever lager at the weekend. My first one (the GH Mexican lager) turned out really well, only criticism is I think I detected a little diacetyl but it worked well with the flavours so might have just been the...
  12. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    Under that logic, what’s the point in home brewing full stop?
  13. MickDundee

    So, what’s the point of lager?

    How did your efficiency turn out with Munich as the base malt Steve? I’ve been getting c72% since getting my all in one but my Vienna Lager at the weekend (80% Vienna, 20% dark Munich) only yielded about 65-67% which is what I was getting when I was BIAB. It’s the first time I’ve not used a...
  14. MickDundee

    Bottling From Spiedel FV

    I can’t remember, sorry. I got it off eBay ages abo to use with me Fermentasausus and found it was about the right size (I maybe could do with slightly bigger) for the Spiedel.
  15. MickDundee

    Dirty Bottle

    To be honest my signature hasn’t been updated for a long long time. I think I might have a couple of bottles left but I didn’t really enjoy it.
  16. MickDundee

    Bottling From Spiedel FV

    The tap is just the wrong size to take a bottling wand - I heat up some tubing in a bowl of boiling am water and slide onto the tap with bottling wand on the other end.
  17. MickDundee

    Busy times from home brew shops

    I’m not running out just going through it quicker than usual. I’ve put on 2 brews in 2 weeks so far, with the first one being bottled and a new one brewed this weekend. I might need to leave it a bit longer for brew 4 because my Vienna lager will be tying up the other brew fridge for about 8 weeks.
  18. MickDundee

    What does your homebrew year look like?

    I don’t have a schedule as such. I just think of 4 or 5 beers I’d like to make, buy in the ingredients and brew when I have time. I’m not a massive fan of anything darker than a California Common or Vienna Lager so I don’t tend to brew dark beers for the winter and pales for the summer or...
  19. MickDundee

    How long can I store my Beer?

    If you’ve “just brewed” it, then 2 weeks will be fine - brewers usually leave their brews 2 weeks before bottling anyway. Yeast Autolysis is much less of an issue for home brewers than some would have you believe - your beer would have to sit on the grub for months and months for it to cause...
  20. MickDundee

    Dirty Bottle

    I’m not a scientist, but I believe the crud creates a nucleation point for CO2. Not sure why this causes gushers but it does. Same if you get a few bits of hop pellet in the bottles.
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