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  1. Kyle_T

    yeast cultivation and style of beer

    I'm sorry but whoever told you that is a fool. I have made starters with a higher gravity many times and all has worked out well. Someone else I know made a +.40 wheat beer for a starter to go in a Belgian Tripple.
  2. Kyle_T

    Liquid yeast or dried yeast?

    Whilst this is mostly true, you have no idea of the conditions of how the yeast has been handled on it's journey from the States across the pond if you are based in the UK, what temperatures has it been subjected to? What is the variation between the fluctuations? What has the storage sanitation...
  3. Kyle_T

    Liquid yeast or dried yeast?

    How long are you thinking it takes to make a starter? Take some wort from 10 minutes into the boil, crash chill it and add your yeast. By pitching time it's ready.
  4. Kyle_T

    english bitter ish

    Less Crystal malt, more aroma hops.
  5. Kyle_T

    Uploading photos from ipad !!!

    No you don't need the photobucket app as I already said, use Tapatalk, it's easier and quicker.
  6. Kyle_T

    Uploading photos from ipad !!!

    Or you can skip all that ****e and just download Tapatalk...then you just click the add picture button.
  7. Kyle_T

    Discover your Real Ale name.

    You think they are bad, I got: Clerk's Heavy Toad Shagger!
  8. Kyle_T

    Calling all Braumeister 20 litre owners

    The BM is 40cm Diameter and 38.5L total volume. The thermowell is also located next to the threaded bar. Otherwise good start.
  9. Kyle_T


    4 weeks? They can be and sometime at their best after 2!
  10. Kyle_T


    Agree. Mild doesn't have to be made from dark or roasted malts at all, many of the early examples were simply made of pale/crystal and brewers caramel. Hopped by either Goldings, Challenger or Fuggles, several only had a bittering of addition. Another common ingredient was brewers invert sugar...
  11. Kyle_T


    20% Very dark crystal and 15% smoked malt? Damn...
  12. Kyle_T


    Have a look here for information of making Mild:
  13. Kyle_T

    Mini casks

    Funnily enough I was there today and yes they can be reused in a couple of different ways.
  14. Kyle_T

    Bitter Recipe Critique Please

    If you like you can PM me and I'll give you lots of hop information and advice.
  15. Kyle_T

    conditioning beer

    There is a lot of yes and no surrounding this subject and a lot of it is opinionated, very little is ever supported by concrete evidence cause people always argue indifferently. Conditioning doesn't meant 'getting it a bit fizzy' at all as typically the beer these days would be pumped to the...
  16. Kyle_T

    Best beer you have brewed and why?

    My Mild...because Mild is awesome.
  17. Kyle_T

    Bitter Recipe Critique Please

    I don't see why you should have to tone down the Torrified Wheat and Crystal, it doesn't always have to be about the hop aroma. This is my go to Bitter, much better than just a hop focused beer. Session Bitter: O.G 1.035 Grist: 78% Pale Malt, 10.5% Crystal Malt, 10.5% Torrified Wheat, 1% Black...
  18. Kyle_T

    Looking for a home brew club.

    Anglian Craft Brewers hold meetings in Norwich.
  19. Kyle_T

    Where do you live?

    Chelmsford, Essex.
  20. Kyle_T

    Not sure if my mash tun is big enough

    Mash Tun Volume Calculator: