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  1. Gorty

    Sugar 39p Kg

    I was in Farm Foods yesterday and picked up Tate & Lyle at 39p a kilo! Unbelievable price, must be a world glut. They had a pallet load and no restrictions on the amount you can buy, I bought 20 ... £7.80 you would have been pushed to buy 6 for that a couple of years ago. I think it's national.
  2. Gorty

    Using sultanas rather than WGJ.

    If I use 250g minced sultanas in place of 1L of WGJ, do I leave them in the DJ until the end of fermentation or strain them out part way through which would mean leaving some of the sugar in the fruit not in the wine so calculations on the amount of sugar to add would be out. I know I've...
  3. Gorty

    several juices on special at 50p a carton

    In Sainsburys Hedge End they had several juices on special at 50p a carton this week end, I picked up blood orange, exotic juice and some pomegranate, don't know if it's national.
  4. Gorty

    'Clear it' finings

    I used 'CLEAR IT' finings from 'Youngs' in my first WOW, I happened to be buying some other bits and pieces so thought I would give it a go, you need a 2-3ml syringe as you only need 1ml of each of the two parts per gallon. 'ErIndoors works at the local doctor's surgery so nuf said! I started...
  5. Gorty

    Returning to the fold

    Hi All, I'm Gorty, from down the south of Hampshire, just returning to the fold of Home Brewing and Winemaking after many years of being lost in the wilderness of the supermarket aisles. (Sad I know.) I used to make a lot of wine quite a few years ago, mostly from any fruit I could convince...
  6. Gorty

    The Range 'Make Your Own' Red

    I have seen review for The Range 'Make Your Own' white, rose and cider so I thought I could add my review of the red. So far I have made two lots of 5 gallons of the red, with a third just started, one important thing, they warn you to put the FV onto a tray or the like as it can be quite an...