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  1. Neil Whittaker

    Kettle Cleaning

    Morning all, So my brew kettle (Brewzilla) has been in the garage (very dry garage) for a couple of weeks, since I last brewed. I noticed the other day that some mould had started to develop. :-( After my last brew I cleaned with VWP, but i'm wondering if I've not done a good enough job...
  2. Neil Whittaker

    Small batch AG Brews - Fermentation

    Hello all, So my first AG brew was a small batch DIPA. See: My issue is, with my vast experience (2 kits) doing 23l batches, the fermentation takes over a week and the airlock activity slowly reduces as the days go by. My 12l...
  3. Neil Whittaker

    Neil Brewday

    OK, so this is my first ever AG brew so maybe I should have expected a more stressful time than I originally predicted. I was going for a modified version of a Cloudwater DIPA clone. I edited the ingredients to be use standard 100g amounts of hops & the base malt to be a nice round number...
  4. Neil Whittaker

    First AG brew recipe review

    Morning all, This weekend I am going to attempt my first AG brew. I would like to do a small batch of my favourite beer style, a DIPA. Could you just review my recipe below. My main concern is due to my grain bill, my sparge water is on the low side. I also made a boo boo in my order and...
  5. Neil Whittaker

    Who to purchase from?

    Hello all. My first question to the forum. Myself and some friends are chipping in together for a grainfather setup. It is a fair sized order at £1500. From what I can tell Google throws 3 - 4 good online retailers. Anyone know who is good, or which to avoid. More from a prospective of...
  6. Neil Whittaker


    Morning all, Just joined and looking forward to talking on the forum and making my first beer. Live in Sheffield and have never before made a beer. Have some friends that are also going to join me in beer making and will soon be buying our whole grain equipment very soon. Can not wait!!! Bob