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  1. JonD_87

    AG#2: Dead Pony Club Clone

    I drank them all a while ago, very quickly. Got to say I do love DPC and this was probably the best beer I have made to date (only made 5 AG so far!) and also friends who tried it were impressed :thumb:
  2. JonD_87

    Youngs Auto Syphon

    I just bought this recently. Pretty sure it said dip it in hot (but not boiling water) at where the kinks are. :thumb:
  3. JonD_87

    Using Star San for the first time

    Top tip, dont spill any of the pure starsan solution on kitchen work tops!!:doh:
  4. JonD_87

    Home Brew Forum Competition - October 16

    Cool, can you PM me with address details, thanks
  5. JonD_87

    Home Brew Forum Competition - October 16

    I would be interested in getting some feedback on my latest brew. It is only a week into its warm carbonation (in the bottle). Can we request that our entries can be stored and consumed at the latter end of the 2 weeks? i.e. If I sent the bottle after next week, could you leave it in a colder...
  6. JonD_87


    Was the recipe similar to my first AG? I thought it was really good and also got better as it aged (3-4 months).
  7. JonD_87

    AG#5: Rye IPA

    Was bubbling away every couple of seconds until yesterday so did a reading. Came in at 1.010 which puts it at 5.9%. The sample was really good, iv got high hopes for this one. Will dry hop next week and try an bottle the following weekend.
  8. JonD_87

    Overpriming/Uber Fizzy!

    How long were the bottles in the fridge for before you opened them? I did a dead pony clone and I had a couple of bottles gush on me. Both hadn't been in the fridge very long where as the ones which didn't gush usually had at least 24 hours in the fridge.
  9. JonD_87

    aldi swing top bottles

    Just picked up 3 tonight, not really for the bottles, just wanted to give them a try! But I will keep the bottles for my homebrew :thumb: Absolutely loads left in stock. Hopefully they will be reduced in a week or so if they dont sell out.
  10. JonD_87

    AG#5: Rye IPA

    Hopefully it wont overpower it at 0.5%. This is my first attempt at creating my own recipe and I was basing it on commercial beers I have read about. Likely that they just use it for colour rather than much flavour. Having trouble with temps at the minute. I think my aquarium heater may not...
  11. JonD_87

    AG#5: Rye IPA

    Rye IPA Original Gravity (OG): 1.060 (°P): 14.7 Final Gravity (FG): 1.014 (°P): 3.6 Alcohol (ABV): 5.97 % Colour (SRM): 13.5 (EBC): 26.6 Bitterness (IBU): 56.0 (Tinseth) 70% United Kingdom - Pale 2-Row 15% American - Rye 6% United Kingdom -...
  12. JonD_87

    330ml Brains Brewery Beers 69p (Home Bargains)

    As title, all my local home bargains selling a couple of brains brewery beers for 69p. Only seen Barry Island IPA which is quite nice (6%) and bragging rights (5%) so far.
  13. JonD_87

    Is a hop spider worth it?

    I built a ghetto hop spider with coat hangers, mesh bag and some bull dog clips. Cost about �£3 :mrgreen::thumb:
  14. JonD_87

    How to get commercial labels of bottles?

    I soaked mine in a strong solution of hot water and oxi washing powder. After a soak for about an hour, those which did not peel of where scrubbed with a metal scourer. Doesn't take much elbow grease
  15. JonD_87

    Nelson/Galaxy pale ale - win a bottle!

    Was going to save this for the Europa League final on Wednesday but I was too impatient as always and cracked this open last night. Really impressed, had quite a strong fruity aftertaste but not in anyway overpowering, thanks again Dan :thumb:. I will keep the packaging and bottle and do a...
  16. JonD_87

    1st Creation - Rye Beer

    For my 5th AG I wanted to try and make my own creation, rather than copying a recipe. I have had a couple of rye beers recently and really enjoyed them and wanted to make one. My approach to creating this was what I do with food recipes. I have found some of the higher rated beers and used...
  17. JonD_87

    AG#4: Centennial Camping Brew

    Original Gravity (OG): 1.040 (°P): 10.0 Final Gravity (FG): 1.009 (°P): 2.3 Alcohol (ABV): 4.03 % Colour (SRM): 5.4 (EBC): 10.6 Bitterness (IBU): 23.3 (Tinseth) 80% Maris Otter Pale 8.5% Carapils 5.75% Vienna 5.75% Crystal 15L 0.4 g/L Centennial...
  18. JonD_87

    How often do you brew?

    At the moment I am doing one a month. Last few have been about 15-16L which does me for the month after giving a few away to friends.
  19. JonD_87

    AG#3: Wheat Pale

    Tried my first one after 5 days in the bottle. Carbed up really well, perhaps a bit too much as you can see from the pic. First time using these hops. I didnt quite get as much hop aroma/taste as my 2nd AG which was also dry hopped. Still a bit early for the beer though so the flavours may come...