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  1. Neil Whittaker

    CO2 setup for carbing beers in a Fermzilla

    Just to double check, but you will require a spunding value, which is sold separately to the pressure kit.
  2. Neil Whittaker

    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    I keg most of my beer, but need to bottle for sharing with friends and taking to home brew club. After research, I decided that it was plastic bottles was for me. I own a pressure fermenter (fermizlla), and use a carbonation cap to fill the bottles, effectively like each one is a mini keg...
  3. Neil Whittaker

    How to keep cool

    Yeah I've watched most / all of his videos, very good information. He is also a member of this forum to. 🙂
  4. Neil Whittaker

    How to keep cool

    Just an observation; I condition my Ale in the fridge and is works a treat. In fact a recent batch i was going to pour down the drain, after a week at 4c it was drinkable, after another week it was great. Maybe the temperature you condition at effect the duration of the conditioning time.
  5. Neil Whittaker

    Kettle Cleaning

    Looks like i'm not doing to much wrong on the cleaning side then, just got to up my drying and airing out. Cheers all. Panic over. Not ready for kettle sours yet.
  6. Neil Whittaker

    Kettle Cleaning

    Oh yeah, I have a spare baking cooling rack, I could totally leave it upside down on that. 100% my go to storage from now on!!! VWP, what temps to people normally clean with this stuff?
  7. Neil Whittaker

    Kettle Cleaning

    Think I created a nice damp environment. With not drying enough and leaving the lid on. I'll make sure all the equipment is cleaned again before the next brew. Some extra boiling water is great for killing weeds. 😄
  8. Neil Whittaker

    Kettle Cleaning

    Morning all, So my brew kettle (Brewzilla) has been in the garage (very dry garage) for a couple of weeks, since I last brewed. I noticed the other day that some mould had started to develop. :-( After my last brew I cleaned with VWP, but i'm wondering if I've not done a good enough job...
  9. Neil Whittaker

    How high is your fermentation fridge?

    If you wanted to upgrade, then you could always go the pressure fermentation vessel route. That way you could keep the FV in the same place and do a closed loop transfer. You would also get the added benefits of a pressure system too; less oxygen, pressure ferment and a lighter wallet.
  10. Neil Whittaker

    Drying yeast at home

    Mine is in the freezer still unused. I tired to dehydrate a second crop, but failed massively. Next time I harvest from the collection jar, I need to let it de-carbonate. It just made a massive foam puddle on the backing paper.
  11. Neil Whittaker

    First brew with Grainmaster

    I've also suffered from stuck mash / sparge and blocked pump in the past. Last brew I followed Foxy "Full volume" or "No Sparge" method and I must say, my brew day was much more enjoyable. It is only my 4th AG brew and found that it took a lot of the stress out of the day. I have also ditched...
  12. Neil Whittaker

    Brewzilla 3.1.1

    Oh and careful on the first clean, around the feet on the malt pipe was some very sharp metal swarf. Could have just been mine, but hurts when your cleaning and you catch some.
  13. Neil Whittaker

    Brewzilla 3.1.1

    I got the brewZilla 3.1.1 and for the money it is great. I've done 4 AG brews with it and have a couple of tips. 1. The instruction manual is not updated at the time i placed my order. If you want to boil you need to select the temperature HH. 2. The fine mesh screen increases the chance of a...
  14. Neil Whittaker

    Homebrew Beer Myths

    Since you can brew great beer, means turning your hobby into a business will be: the natural next step / easy / a good idea.
  15. Neil Whittaker

    Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla or Fast Ferment. Which to buy?

    If you buy one of the "Stainless Steel Float and Silicon dip tubes", then you could take the beer from the top of the keg, whilst still maintaining a closed loop transfer.
  16. Neil Whittaker

    Driven to Homebrew

    I have a sous vide machine, maybe an idea for small batches. Edit: Oh, and welcome to the home brew world. :-)
  17. Neil Whittaker

    Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla or Fast Ferment. Which to buy?

    I have the FermZilla and if I was to turn back time, I think I'd buy an "All rounder". Harvesting your yeast and zero oxygen dry hopping is great, but the messing about with the endless seals, take away from the brewing experience. Plus, an "All rounder" would fit into a smaller fridge. Have a...
  18. Neil Whittaker

    First go at an all-grain brew.

    Great write up and well done on the first AG brew!!!!!