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  1. BrotherMalice

    Carlsberg Citrus (dont judge me...)

    Ello all
  2. BrotherMalice

    Greetings From South Wales (again...)

    Ello all, its been a while so I thought I should post and say hi in here again... Thinking about getting back into brewing again and came back to where I learnt all my limited knowledge :)
  3. BrotherMalice

    Not sure where to look

    I need to know if there is some way to find out if I am insured on our company van, my boss has told me that I am as the van is insured for all drivers over 30 but I dont believe him... I have no idea how to find this information out so I thought I would come to the fountain of usefull...
  4. BrotherMalice

    Projectors - Anyone know much about them?

    Hi Guys, After my lucky win of a beer engine for £1.70, I have also won a pub projector (Seleco 350) from the same seller, does anyone know much about them? - It was working but then just stopped, figured it was worth a punt at £6.00 :) :cheers:
  5. BrotherMalice

    Just won a beer engine :D

    Just won a beer engine for the epic price of £1.70! May need some work but I fancy giving it a go :)
  6. BrotherMalice

    Embracing my inner GEEK

    Well after a fairly long break I have started playing Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k again, anyone else play?
  7. BrotherMalice

    Going Gas

    OK so I have almost fully decided that I am going to go with GAS when I move to our new house (eventually!) but have a few questions, can I still fit a tap to my boiler for easier draining with a hop filter included somewhere?
  8. BrotherMalice

    Testing the new shiny

    Well, all being well I will be getting a brew on tomorrow in my new shiny :) Giving it a test boil to make sure my cooker can cope!
  9. BrotherMalice

    Happy Star Wars Day!

    May the 4th be with you!
  10. BrotherMalice

    Tax Exemption Changing For Old Cars?

    I read somewhere that the rules are changing next year but for the life of me I cant find it again, does anyone know any more about it?
  11. BrotherMalice

    What can I brew?

    Looking to get another brew day in before I move and looking for suggestions, I have the following list of ingredients available and don't really want to have to order anything in so I am looking for suggestions, I like stouts so something "stouty" would be good :) Grain Type Quantity (kg)...
  12. BrotherMalice

    Still planning my brewery

    The garage in the new house (when the bloody sale go's through) does not currently have electric and is not attached to the house, I am currently wondering if I should go gas instead, I know I will need electric down there anyway but I imagine getting a suitable amount of electric down to the...
  13. BrotherMalice

    Focus 1.8 TDCI Problem

    Wondering if any of you guys have any experience with Fords? My wife was driving our Focus to London today and it died on her, the screen had a message saying "Engine Systems Fault" she called out a recovery garage and they took about an hour to turn up, during this time she tried several times...
  14. BrotherMalice

    Brains BLACK

    Anyone have a recipie for this? - I have only just discovered this beer and I absolutely love it!
  15. BrotherMalice

    Just had a confirmed morgage offer!

    Now to find a Brewery.... (or house as SWMBO insists on calling it!)
  16. BrotherMalice

    Just bought a Raspberry pi

    On a bit of a whim really, will probably set it up as a media player, anyone else use one (or more) and if so, what for :)
  17. BrotherMalice

    Planning my new Boiler

    I am looking to get a new boiler soon, I have planned most of it but I am not sure about elements, I am aiming for a 100l shiney boiler and do not plan to put my current kettle elements in it (1 of them is dead anyway...) I have seen this one at the Home Brew Company and it looks good but I am...
  18. BrotherMalice

    AG4 - Cereal Killer **PICS ADDED**

    So after being "inspired" by this thread with the help of fbsf a recipie has been formulated and shopping has been done, I have really no idea what the resulting beer will taste like but it should be an interesting experiment and as long as its not disgusting there will be a pin full going to...
  19. BrotherMalice


    Anyone ever heard of these and are they any good? Got a chance to pick up 2 for a good price, have tried googling but my google-fu is failing me today :(
  20. BrotherMalice

    Intensive testing

    Well I had 4 pints last night of my stout and today I feel like I died last night, I think its about 6% but the hangover feels like I drank far more then the 4 pints I consumed. I am assuming that this is something to do with the way I fermented the beer? Any suggestions as to what I should do...